Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dined at Boracay!

As promise, I have to post what and where we ate in our short stay at Boracay!!
So, here!!

Dinner at Hap Chan! 
After a super long walk dito din pala kami sa Hap Chan babagsak! Wasn't able to take a picture of the foods! Lumafang agad yung mga kasama ko e! :)) But of course, no fail ang foodies sa Hap Chan. Very yummy as always! :)

Late breakfast at Paradiso Grill
As I have mentioned in my previous post, we actually had our breakfast in our room. And we decided to go swimming around 10am but we have a problem, where will we put our things. Mababasa naman siya kung along the beach kasi nga umuulan. So we need to dine in a resto, kahit coffee lang ang orderin. May malagyan lang ng things! But they were all hungry pala kaya we ate na lang. And it's near lunch time already! :))
I had Tapsilog! 
Longsilog, Di pa po bawas yan! :)))
I really, really won't forget this bottled water! Ang weird kasi! we asked for a glass of water, yung tipong glass of water na free sa lahat ng restaurants na nakainan ko. And then, wala daw ganon sa kanila. So, kapag may nanghihingi ng water, etong mahalia na bottled water ang binibigay nila. WEIRD! :)))
Late luch at Smoke Resto!
This was my favorite! It is located at D' Mall. The place is small, but cozy naman ang feel! I ordered Beef Salpicao. Super yummy! Marami ang servings and hindi siya super pricey! I'll recommend this resto to everyone! :) *sorry, no food shots.

Dinner at Astoria Boracay!
Was super excited to try their foods. It was like, wow! mukang a must try ang foods nila! Yun pala ay, nasindak lang ako sa "ASTORIA BORACAY" na name! :))
Super excited pa naman akong iblog yung experience namin, that we dined at Astoria and stuffs. Given that I and Kuya Mari were super gutom dahil sa paglalakad at paglalakad namin, feel na namin na totodo kami sa pagkain! Btw, the pictures above, Akin lahat yan! I mean, plate ko lahat yan! I wanna try kasi all the dishes, except with the salad, I'm no veggie lover! 
When this picture was taken, kaming dalawa na lang ni Kuya Mari ang kumakain. Dessert na nga ang kinakain niya e. Pero ako, bukod ang spag at almond float na kakainin ko talaga, di kinukuha ng waiter yung plate on my left. Bakit? Kasi parang walang nabawas sa pagkain!Spag lang yata and konting bawas sa ibang dishes. 

The best lang ang pagkakaumay naming lahat sa mga foods! Sila, naubos pa ung mga kinuha nila sa plate nila. Ako, parang tumikim lang! We must have tried other resto na lang! :)


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boracay OHYEAH!

It was as early as February when we booked our airplane tickets for our June, Boracay vacation. Thanks to promo fares! :)

We really looked forward to this trip especially me and my cousins who were also first timers. Our trip was scheduled early June and the weather a week before was unpredictable. I just hoped that it will not rain so our trip will not be ruined by the weather. 

Yey! Off to Caticlan!
It's their first time to ride a plane! Congrats! :))
When we're still on the check-in counter at the airport (our flight is only Go Lite, but my uncle wanted to check-in their baggage, pero di na rin natuloy) we weigh all our bags and found out mine exceeded the 5kg allowance for Go Lite. Super aligaga kaming lahat na ipalagay ang bagahe sa kung kani-kanino then the lady over the counter, wala siyang pake. Yun pala.....
The plane is not full! Kaya okay lang kahit super excess baggage ka na. :)
Anyway, here I am in Caticlan na! :))

Gotta ride tricycle, boat then tricycle.

We stayed at Station 2, Maxima de Boracay Resort. 

this is D' Mall, just beside Maxima :)
Hello Mr. Sun. Hello white sand. Hello clean calm water!
We have to achieve something on our first day! So, we went Reef Walking with Milky's Dive Center and Helmet Diving! (the term they always use is "helmet diving")
Milky's Dive Center and Helmet Diving
Fax/Tel: (036) 2882011
Mobile #: 09991944837

The payment includes 1 disc with pictures and videos of the group. I hate the pictures! Very malabo, they should have changed their cameras already!

We enjoyed the beach after the reef walking. Medyo kulimlim na though di pa pagabi. No sunset view :(

Went back to our room, change clothes and walked by the beach while shopping for pasalubongs and looking for a great place to eat.

we're our way to D' Talipapa when I saw this. :))
Had our dinner at Hap Chan. 
My travel buddies! :))
Right after our dinner, exactly after we went out of the resto, it rained! We waited for it to stop so we can stroll and see how's Boracay at night. Sadly, it didn't and we just decided to sleep.

We're actually set for an island hopping and snorkeling the next day. But Mr. Sun is still out and it's still raining. All of us were lazy to go out and we don't know what activities we can do with that kind of weather.

Not noticing it was near lunch time already, we had our second breakfast at Paradiso Grill (we had our first sa room)

After our late breakfast, we have no choice but to swim and enjoy the BIG waves! :)
Mr. Effort
It says, I♥U! :)

Then, someone approach my uncle for activities which are available though it's raining. 
And we decided to try GO KART! Every time I see Go Kart tracks, I always wanted to try it but didn't ever had a chance. So, hindi ko na pinalampas to. I don't know how to drive, kahit bump car di ako marunong. Pero it's easy lang naman pala. :) PLUS, pa-thrill ang madulas at maputik na track. 
see how wet the track was! Super talsik sa amin ang kaputikan along the track!
I bet, you cannot see kung gaano kami kadungis. The man on the extreme left, his shorts is white! Naging dirty white naaa! :))
See the white part on their board shorts? :))

We had our super late lunch, near merienda time at Smoke Resto!

After, Kuya Mari and I looked for pasalubongs. We walked and walked and walked just to find pasalubongs. Dahil sa kagustuhan naming mapuntahan lahat, we went to D' Talipapa, and etoooo.
2 hours walking and walking made us so tired samantalang sila, namamahinga sa room.

Our last night. Thankfully it didn't rain.
Tried having jumpshots. :))

We ate dinner at Astoria Boracay!

And watched this awesome fire dancers! Super galing!

Had an early flight the next day. And we needed to travel from Caticlan to Kalibo for about 2 hours. Kaya wala na kaming nagawa that day. :)

I'll have a separate post on what we ate! :)))