Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Manila Ocean Park

Something's missing in the title! It should be, "The di-matuloy-tuloy Manila Ocean Park lakwatcha" Kung kailan malapit ang pupuntahan, di naman matuloy-tuloy! We had around 3-5 reschedules just for this! We are 7 in the group kaya din siguro medyo mahirap pagtagpuin ang sched.

We bought a 399 promo last August 2011 from http://www.ensogo.com.ph/ which includes three attractions, the Oceanarium, the Sea Lion Show and the Musical Fountain Show. The voucher will be expiring on the last day of Feb 2012 and as always we decided to just avail it near the last day.

The good thing about purchasing it online aside from the big discount we got is that we didn't have to fall in line in the ticketing section which would be super hassle since it was a Sunday. Daming tao! We immediately proceed to the reservation area, just need to sign some stuffs and had our tickets without hassle.

 all for 399 :)

Can you see the not-so-organized line to the Oceanarium? 

We arrived past 1pm and decided to have the Oceanarium first.
 Pajama Cardinalfish
They don't move that much. As in nakaganyan lang sila.



Snowflake Moray Eel / Starry Moray Eel

The tunnel which I didn't really appreciate. The picture says it all!
Para akong nakipaggitgitan sa Divisoria!

 Black tip shark

 Albino ba tong shark na to? Hihi.

White tip shark

Yes, hindi lang naman bata ang pumapasyal sa MOP. Pati isip bata :))
Since very disappointing ng tunnel, sa picture na naman kami nagenjoy. I have this mini tripod na sinet-up namin sa lapag para kita ang Stingrays sa ceiling. :) 

 The regular tripod we have

And the my mini tripod na nakakatakot kasi sa dami ng tao hindi imposibleng masipa at tumilapon anytime :))

4:30pm, we watched the Sea Lion Show. As usual, muntik na namang kaming malate because upon the exit of the Oceanarium, ang dami dadaanan at napapapicture kami anywhere. 

This is just on my right side, the other half is also full!
And since we're late we just seated in the stairs exactly in the middle which was a nice decision! 

 Elka was the lucky guest to have a close encounter with the Sea Lion

Sarap, ang lansa! :)))

After the Sea Lion Show, we again needed to fall in line for the 6pm Musical Fountain Show.
Not oh so amazing. Maybe because we watched the 6pm show and medyo maliwanag pa.
 Falling Starfish, Shooting Starfish and Rising Starfish

Maybe we'll be back for the Trails to Antarctica and Seriland!
Shout out to group buying sites! More promos! Hehe!

Other photos are from Elka and Rence :)
Manila Ocean Park