Friday, December 16, 2011

Luglugan: Pancit Malabon Festival

Even before I started blogging, I'm already a fan of some travel blogs and my favorite part of their blogs are those bongga festivals they were able to witness. I actually tried to book a flight to Cebu for Sinulog Festival early next year, but failed! Better luck next time. :) And I realized, we have this Luglugan Festival in Malabon, I don't need to go to other places and spend a lot.

It is now the 8th year of the said festival which is a project of Congresswoman Jaye Lacson-Noel and is yearly organized by Malabon M. E.T.R.O (Medical Emergency Transport and Rescue Organization) headed by Jojo Flores and overall organizer this year si Jonjon Santos.

Year 2009, Luglugan Festival was recognized as the Best Tourism Event for food category of the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines (ATOP)

 Drums and Lyre c/o Councilor Ian Borja
Valenzuela Marching band c/o Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian
Higantes from Angono, Rizal

Selected students of Malabon National High School 

And of course, the highlight of the event is the giant Pancit Bilao measuring 15 feet in diameter, divided into 4 triangular trays, with almost 90 kilos of noodles. Four different Pancit-makers in Malabon were given each tray to fill in.

A tray was given to my grandmother. She has been doing this for the festival for a few years already. 
(c) Jay-jay Cruz
(c) Jay-jay Cruz
(c) Jay-jay Cruz
Good thing my cousin took some photos because I was in somewhere :)

The view of the giant bilao before the parade started. Succeeded in trying to catch the truck with the giant bilao. Checked! 4 tray completed.
Clockwise from upper left: Nanay's ; Rosy's ; Zeny's(my grandmom's) ; Roy's 
Thanks to Miggy Santos for taking these pictures for me :)
(Enough for these pictures. Nakakagutom!!)

Time to eat. :))
They provided 7000 paper plates for distribution but others were very ready and brought their own plastic bags and bowls, approximately 8000 people were fed.
Anong sinabi ng lalagyan niyo sa hawak ni Congresswoman? Iseserve pa yata sa catering yung hiningi! :))
Congresswoman Jaye Lacson-Noel, serving the Pancit Malabon
I think there was a program after this.
See you on the 9th year! :)

Natawa ako sa pagkakapose ko dito. :))
After the parade, the Higantes were set aside. and it's time to have some pictures....
 Badtrip kasi, daming nagpapapicture sa 4 na higantes at hindi kami makasingit. Since hindi naman namin habol magkaroon ng picture sa 4 na higantes (kadamutan begins), pinatalikod namin yung dalawa habang nagkakagulo yung iba sa isang side. Wise. :)


Sunday, December 04, 2011

Samal Island Experience

For our 2nd and 3rd day, we had Samal Island in our itinerary. Samal Island or Island Garden City of Samal (IGaCos) is just across Davao City.

We took a bus from Davao City which brought us to Samal. Also had a 15 to 20 minutes ride on a barge to make it across the Davao Gulf.  As you can see in the map, super lapit lang naman! A relative picked us up at the public market of Samal. It was a kinda long travel on a rough road to the resort. They said it was about 9km.

Sitio Dasag, Barangay Camudmud

Very tahimik yung place noong nagpunta kami. You would see the real beauty of the place since wala masyadong tao that time!
I like this swing thingy here. Mababaw lang naman yung tubig, here is only waist level.

They only have few activities to choose from. The place is good for relaxation. Nice view + fresh air, perfect!!
Chillin' out before swimming
 One activity is kayaking. 
They provide life vests but since yung ibang lifevest ay andun sa mga bata na huling nag-kayak, minsan may life vest, minsan wala. Hihi. Kamusta din naman at apat kami sa kayak? Anyway, we enjoyed it that way! 
Another.. Ang pang-sagwan ay para sa mga bangkero??
Macho ko dito! Haha. I have no choice but to use this as my, pang-swimming. Wala na akong damit dahil naiwan ko sa bahay! Fail!

We had an overnight stay at Villa Amparo. The next day, mom's siblings and my cousins picked us up at Villa Amparo for a continuation of our Samal Island trip. 

Tambo, Brgy. Babak

Found also in IGaCos is the largest bat colony of fruit bats in the world! In 2008, Guinness World Records representatives estimated that the bats inside were about 1.8 million! Because of this number, they were recognized by the Guinness World Records as the largest colony of Geoffroy's Rousette Fruit Bats! The time we visited it, the number of bats inside is 2.5million! 

At 6pm, everyday, the bats go out of the cave to look for food. Usually they go to Davao and Bukidnon for fruits. They fly about 45km/hr and they return to the cave at dawn.

 Certificate from Guinness World Records
 Near the cave is this exhibit on different bats.
As expected, medyo iba yung amoy. In short, mabaho sila! Hihi.
This little kid is our tour guide. :)

Brgy. Cawag, Peñaplata

A long trek on the concrete stairway down to the falls welcomed us! While we're on our way down, I'm already thinking about how am I going to trek up. Haha!

We didn't dip into the falls immediately. My aunt suggested for us to go to another part of the falls where the water on the above picture is coming from. Again, trekking up is required! A minimal entrance fee is ask if you will go there. The water is cold! Really! And the current is stronger compare to the other part of the falls.

Based on what we've observed, the wall behind us is where the water is really coming from. There is a hole beneath the wall!

Brgy. Cawag, Peñaplata

Another long walk down the staircase welcomed us! Hihi. But because I'm very excited to see the famous slide, deadma na sa walang katapusang hagdanan.

Maxima is famous for their giant water slide which is made up of tarpaulin material about 40 meters long and it will only take you 6 seconds to splash right into the sea.

 There are actually 2 giant slides. This one.
 And this one.

Maxima also offer other activities such as canopy walk, kayaking, snorkeling, banana boat, scuba diving, jet ski and parasailing.

We purchased the package with canopy walk and unlimited use of slide. Free when you purchased canopy walk is 30 minutes kayaking.
Yeah, we did kayaking again. :)

 Canopy walk.
Always had a feeling that my slippers will fall! haha!

Our Samal Island experience ended here. :)

I'll be back soon, Davao! :)

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