Sunday, September 30, 2012

Such a school girl :))

It's the last day of the month and sadly, I didn't have time to travel AGAIN. My last travel was the Bacolod-Iloilo-Guimaras tour last June. After 4 months, no travel plans are sure. There were A LOT of plans but those are just bare plans and no confirmations yet. :( I was looking forward for a travel-filled semestral break but we'll still see then.

No travel means that I am busy at school. My very close friends might not believe me (haha. di halata?) but hell yeah! I was busy! There are days/weeks wherein me and my classmates would say "eto na pinaka pahinga ko e.(pertaining to having some kwentuhan moments with friends)" And if before, updating my Facebook or Twitter or just going online relieves my stress, it's not that way now. Yung pagpasok mo sa umaga sa school, problema ang sasalubong at dala mo na yung buong araw tapos paguwi mo sa gabi, pagonline mo problema pa din. Tapos school works tapos puyat. And it becomes a cycle.

Daming reklamo? Haha. Karekla-reklamo na din kasi minsan. :) PERO KONTING TIIS NA LANG! KONTING-KONTI NA LANG! Kayang-kaya pa!!! :DD

Syempre walang kwenta ang post kung wala namang picture. Haha. Eto na oh!! This is just for the month of September. :)

(c) Ace Santos
Started the month on chill mode. 
Reunion with swimming friends and coaches.

(c)Haelene Piller
Savings and Investment seminar at Adamson University.
Thanks to JFINEX-AdU for inviting us!
 (c) Kelvin Roxas
O, si Mayor Lim ang keynote speaker. Dinidiscuss niya yung financial center o!
O, ganito ah. O, ganyan yan! O, kayo ba.... O, ano masasabi niyo? Hahaha!
Limsanity!! :)) I Love Mayor Lim! :)))
I also love that he's active on twitter kahit secretary naman niya talaga ang naguupdate. Haha. Follow him @TheMayorLim :)

 Portfolio Management seminar at Adamson University in preparation for the Stock x Challenge
JFINEX-AdU, thanks again! See you next week!! :)
 With Mr. Xandy Gilles, CFA. Market educator of FirstMetroSec

 A successful tour at  the Philippine Stock Exchange.
Kuddos to my co-officers for patiently arranging everything!

September 24-28 is our school's foundation week. The most stressful foundation week ever! Dati kasi irregular ang classes at petiks ang lahat. Grabe lang talaga ngayon!
Monday - seminar (not just a participant but an organizer)
Tuesday - rest  day
Wednesday - Quizzes + blood donation
Thursday - Thesis defense
Friday - Feasibility Study defense
Huge huge thanks to Prof. Arman!!

Every year, they allot a day or two for the blood letting activity by the Red Cross. I always wanted to donate but didn't have the chance to. But this time, I won't let it pass without me participating. :)
 There are screenings before the actual donation of blood. And good thing, I passed!
 Here are other students, volunteering :)
Success!! :))
1 bag is 450 ml :) Mainit-init pa. hahaha.
*hello din sa namamaga kong mata! 4 days now :(*
(c) Rutchel Peregrino
Baller from Red Cross :)

(c) Rutchel Peregrino
Thesis defense!!
(c) Rutchel Peregrino
After defense, revisions naman oh! :))

(c) Rutchel Peregrino
Feasib defense!!
Defense includes the stressful search for a matching outfit. Haha.

Sabi ko pa naman after ng mga defense ko lalakwatcha ako ng bongga kaso exams naman para next week naman kaya di pa din pwede. :( OA ba pagkakakwento ko sa simula? Haha. Di lang halata sa pictures! Syempre wala naman kaming picture habang pinagpupuyatan ang bawat detalye. Haha.

I may not have traveled for months now but learning experience na din sakin ang lahat. Alam naman ng everyone how I love trying new things like the blood letting and meeting new people from the seminars and tour. Sadyang kastress lang Thesis and Feasib pero kaya naman!! Friends, see you soon! :)

Ang maganda lang sa school life kong to, more time para makapagipon para sa next travel! Woohoo! Tapos may extra panshopping na din! :)) Travel soon!! :)