Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Make my 18th on the 18th extra special!

It's summer! It only means I'm doing nothing! Days gone by very fast! I can really feel my birthday is fast approaching! AND I still do not have any plans, not planning to throw a party or something like that. Just see my wishlist! Will only be posting 10 which I really want. :D

A DSLR! I'm actually waiting for my 18th to ask my parents to buy me one. I'm not very particular with the brand or the unit because I'm willing to learn photography and I believe that It doesn't really depend to the unit but with the one who's taking the photos and learning how to maximize the features of the camera is also important. Unfortunately, they seemed do not want me to have one. :(
A Laptop! Not really what I want because my mind is already set on having a DSLR. But my mom always tell me to have a laptop rather than having a DSLR. And when I'm thinking on what a laptop can do for me, I'm also wanting it. I can't have both but laptop will always be in second in my list!

A Travel treat, all expenses paid. Wanting to be in Ilocos, Sagada, Bohol and Palawan.
Being in Ilocos has always been first on my travel list

A kiddie party theme for my birthday celebration. It is already in the culture of the Filipino to have a "handaan" when someone is celebrating his/her birthday. Having a party is not really my priority because since I was a child, we are not used in to having "handaan" for a birthday. So, it wouldn't matter if I won't have one but if ever, I want a kiddie party! :)

A shopping treat!! For a girl, who wouldn't want free shopping! :)) Wanna have new clothes (though I have lots of clothes still with tags on them), also new bags and new shoes.

A rayban shades! Because it's summer, Just right for the beach! :)) But very pricey kasi e. The Aviators or Wayfarer or Clubmaster.
I want wayfarer!
Of course! A cash! Summer, no baon. I need money to enjoy my summer vacation! :))
I prefer having dollars Hahaha. $$
Something on sticky notes or in anywhere. I want to have the classical themes in a debut using sticky notes. Like, my 18 roses (I'm curious on who you'll be picking as the last dance! Hahah!), listed in a sticky notes and the reason why you chose them to be on the list. Also 18 candles I want to read your messages, wishes and most unforgettable moments with me. The 18 treasures, I don't need the gift itself. I just want you to write what you will give to me if you were the richest person alive and what will you offer me if you were the poorest person alive! Hahahah! I think this would be fun!

Love! Of course, who wouldn't want love from everyone? :)
I believe this will be the least that I can get. SMILE. :) Making me smile can complete my day! :)

Who then can give me all? HAHAHAHA! Kiddin'

Chinx ♥

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Puerto Galera! (2009)

Same year as our Batangas Trip in 2009, my swimming friends wanted a vacation because ever since summer started we all became busy for the swimming lessons. We invited almost everyone in the team, for a Batangas Trip only. And yes, we ended up 4 in the group. Pero, syempre go pa din!

Take a bus to Batangas port, then we decided to go Puerto Galera na lang kasi 1 ride na lang andun na kami. Hahaha!!

Nasa bus na. Off to Batangas! :)

Nasa boat na! Di uso maglife vest. I remember, pinaguusapan namin dito na kapag lumubog yung bangka, magogoggles and fins na lang kami at yung life vest, para sa mga gamit namin! Hahaha!

Finally, after ng maalon at nakakahilong biyahe sa boat. We’re in Puerto Galera na! Hahaha! Ace has a contact person there. Kaya no more problem sa room and super thankful kami kasi the room only costs 1500 per night, with discount na yata yung rate. Nakamura sa room! Tamang-tama, short kami sa budget kasi we only brought enough for a Batangas Trip!

Had bonggang lunch (bongga na yan para sa mga walang budget!) Hahaha!
Look how big that porkchop was! Tapos unlimited rice pa yan. It's only a hundred pesos! Solve na solve na! :)
Wala nang araw paglabas namin sa room dahil trip naming magpahinga hanggang sa nagkatamaran na!  :))
Elka’s hair was braided! It was cute! :D
After swimming we had our dinner. Then time for picture taking! Hahaha. All smiles kami kasi naka smile detector mode yata! Hahaha.

It’s DAY 2. Si Ace ay known bilang maaga magising! Para magkaroon ng karamay at magising na din kami ang sabi samin, 10am na daw. And we’re late for our island hopping/snorkling for that day! Panic mode! Bangon agad, pero nung binuksan ang TV. Ang palabas ay isang early morning TV show! Hahaha! Buking!

Cup noodles, coffee and pandesal for breakfast. Fix ourselves. Bringing some snacks and drinking water is a MUST when you go island hopping, especially if the group really wanted snorkling because it’s really dehydrating! 

Breakfast. Haggard naman ng itsura ko! Nakajacket pa kami ni Elka! Hahaha!
Off to our first stop for snorkling! :)

Because we love having our fins! ♥
Let's go to the next stop! :D
Pandesal and Vienna Sausage, our baon.
Picture taking sa boat! We had like 3-4 stops for snorkling! Thanks sa fins, malayo ang nararating namin. At sa current na napakalakas! Nakakapagod bumalik sa boat! 
Here are some of our underwater pictures! Ang hirap magpose underwater! Haha!

After snorkeling pictures!  Since we’re tired because of the non-stop swimming we decided to have a bongga lunch! We again ate where we had our first lunch at Puerto. Yun ulit, in short! (yun lang keri ng budget e. Hahaha. But, super busog!)

We rest/sleep at the room for a while then went pasalubong hunting! Mura ng mga goods. Marami-marami pa din ang nabili namin kahit short kami sa budget! Lakas loob lang! Haha!

Our bongga lunch! We loved the table! Jetski. :)
Looking for pasalubong.
We bought same shirts! Here's our pictorial! I'll just post only few because we really had a lot! Hahaha! 

Very maiitim na ang legs! Hahaha!

Of course, we had solo pictures!

Wacky! Borrowed Ace's things! 
Hahahahaha! This is Ace! Nice idea e? :)))
Baliw na! :))
Pagandahan ng ayos ng kama! Ace and mine is the one in the left and Ivan and Elka's is the one in the right. Yung towel sa lapag, punasan daw ng paa! Hahaha!
Okay, SPAM for dinner! :)
DAY 3. Had breakfast then go swimming. Had lunch. Then HOME! :)

Same Bags! All from SPEEDO! Hahaha!

What's this? Hahaha. Pahirapan? :)))
Boat. Pauwi! Bye, Puerto Galera! :)
 Long post? Yiii, Sorry! :))
 Enjoyed a lot! Super 00.00 ang balance pagdating sa house! :))

Chinx ♥

Friday, April 22, 2011

I ♥ ZAMBALES (2010)

Because I'm too excited to blog on something, why not blogging my previous trip just like what I did in our Batangas 2009 trip. Hihi. :))

My Girl Friends usually (not very usual, this trip is our second, i guess, out of town trip) organize some out of town thingy whenever everyone's free. We are originally all 8 girls in the group, but of course the half was not allowed by their parents to come with us. So, we're only 4. We also asked our other close male friends to come but they weren't able to. And here we are 4 girls, go na go pa din kahit we'll just be commuting lang. For our accommodation, Gia saw a resort in Candelaria, Zambales which offers very cheap room rates. After few questions asked, we decided to reserve a room for our stay. The catch was, we aren't familiar in the places in Zambales, we do not know how far each bayan is. And where Candelaria in Zambales is. Because we just rode a bus we are expecting that the konduktor will say the name of the place we are in. Ended up, ilang bayan na ang nakaraan. But wala pa din kami sa Candelaria. Super tagal ng byahe. It is just that, that we knew Candelaria is second to the last town in Zambales. Kaya super malayo!

Naligaw pa kami! But thanks to the friendly and helpful locals. We reached Candelaria! Very province yung atmosphere! Wala masyadong ganap sa bayan nila. And finally, we reach the beach, the resort! At gulat kami dahil WALANG TAO! I mean, walang tao sa shore and all. We fixed our things and go swim na! :))

Enough for kwentos, here are some of our pictures! :)

Beach Front. Very walang tao.
The resort has 3 aircon and 3 non-aircon rooms. The other room is on the other side, that's where we stayed.
Thanks to the tripod and selftimer! Haha!
Sunset na paglabas namin ng room Very matagal magayos. Haha.
The next thing would be dinner. Because girl scouts kami at para sure na din na may food nagdala na kami ng de lata and bought rice sa market. Good thing, the owner of the house is very kind to let us use their kitchen stuffs without any payment. It's a big help! 

All smiles habang nagdidinner. O sadyang natatawa lang dahil sa pinaggagawa namin. Haha!
I realized wala kaming maayos na picture after dinner and habang naglalaro kami ng cards. Eto na yung pinaka maayos, wala pa si majo! haha. Btw, Thanks to Ricky Sandoval's Dingdong! Hahaha!!
Okayyyyy. We had a super long day.

Hello sun! Majo and I were up early for the sunrise! Haha!
This is the room where we stayed. :)
While having breakfast, the owner told us that the Potipot Island is closed because elections will be held after a few days. The owner daw of the island is running for a position in zambales. But they said,we can go in small island, no trees, just sand. So, go pa din kami! Sayang naman e! Then, prepared for our island hopping. Nakasakay na kami ng boat, tapos nagkatrouble yung boat. Balik kami sa island then inayos nila. After some minutes. Okay na. Gora na kami sa island! Super tagal namin dun! The other tourist kasi don’t want to stay long. So nauna sila ibalik sa resort. So, cam whoring lang! Sawaan! Pasunugan din ng balat! :))

Nasa boat na, before the trouble.
We passed by the Potipot Island. Sayang, Looks very maganda! :)
The island where we stayed, they called it White Beach (I'm not so sure)

Here we are! Started cam whoring! Hahaha!
Will not be posting other photos! Hahaha! We stayed very long, kaya super dami ng pictures. Mahirap mamili! Haha! 

We had lunch and head home! Very matagal ang biyahe! Pagdating sa Manila, super gutom! Haha!
I can say, kahit anong haggard at mga travel problems pa. Basta you're with the best company, Sure enjoy! :D

Chinx ♥