Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Movie: 3 Idiots

If I may not be the Rancho in my own life, I'm wishing that someone like him will come my way, maybe not the Rancho to Pia, but the Rancho to Farhan and Raju! :D

Di ako movie reviewer. :)) So, take note, this is not a movie review. Probably, a movie recommendation! Luma na yung movie, others may have watched it already. Pasensya naman, di ako movie lover, di ako updated! :))

Let me tell a little kwento first.

I have this awesome, funny and cool Business Math professor who always makes the whole class laugh at his jokes and also do a lot of kwentosss inside the classroom. One day, he suddenly remembers a movie and narrated some parts of it. Sa pagkukwento pa lang niya, lahat na kami super natatawa, we can imagine the scene already. He required us to watch the movie and have a reaction paper submitted! (A reaction paper for a movie on a Math class?? YES!)

Anyway. It is all worth it! Very maganda yung movie. SUPER GANDDAAA!!! Di ko alam kung saang part maganda magbigay ng comment kasi parang lahat maganda! Except lang sa muka ni Virus at ni Chatur! Kiddin'! :)))

This link was given by my classmate. Streaming lang to pero pwede din yata idownload

I can't give you a site where you can download it, I have downloaded 2, puro palpak. :)

NOTE: Hindi is the language used in the movie, so download a file with subtitle on it.

** If anyone knows a site where we can download a file. Yung maayos ah! You are all free to comment in this post! Thank you!



Saturday, August 27, 2011

Let's go South! ♠

This lakwatcha is actually a late birthday treat of Ivan and Julienn. For a change, we went out of town! We planned this trip for a month, buti nga natuloy kasi we always believe na kapag super planned ang lakad, parating di natutuloy! For the record, this is I think the first time na natuloy ang super planadong alis. Haha.

*hello guys! I remembered our so called “dry-run” Hahahaha.

Anyway… As planned, it’s gonna be on a Saturday and we need to meet 5am sharp (Infairness, walang mega late! First time again!) Well, 5am is too early right? Especially for me who slept 3am on Friday, woke up 6am for Paula’s NCAA game and then home around 8pm then went to Majo's birthday and home past 2am, Saturday. AT KAMUSTA NAMAN ANG 5am MEETING TIME? Hahaha.

Bilang at pareho kaming puyat ng partner-of-the-day ko na si Ace, mas prefer naming matulog! We had a stop-over at SLEX, the 4 had their breakfast samantalang kami, TULOOOG lang ang nasa isip namin! :))))

Santa Rosa, Laguna
Map :)
You can go biking! These bikes are for rent.
Tried their boat ride.

View from the boat
I personally hate wearing a life vest! I just dunno with these people I am with, but I think they also don't want to be wearing them, we always find it awkward to wear life vests! Haha. Still puts a joke into it! "No, ayaw naming maglife vest. Marunong kaming magswim. What we want to save are our things! They cannot swim, we can!" :))
Cute installation arts :)
Bought some stuffs at Bag of Beans then went to..

Nasugbu, Batangas

Before going to the church, we went and see the whole place first.

Ang fresh tignan ng mga plants! Ang sarap sa mata. Syempre, fresh air! Away from the pollution in the city!
We climbed/hiked/trekked this up to reach the chapel up in the hill. Basta, nakakapagod siya! 
The chapel!! (nagdisappear na yung roof, may roof daw diyan dati) :D
Caleruega Church
Can you see the chapel were we came from? What is malayong lakaran?? :)))
We made some drama! Hahaha. 
Laine: Model
Chingky: Photographer
Elka: Tagapayong/tagapunas ng pawis
Julienn: Tagapaypay
Ivan: Tagapayong
Ace: Director! HAHAHA. Umoutfit pa! :)))

Ate lunch at Dencio's. Thanks Ivan! :)
View of the Taal Volcano
Tagaytay City, Cavite

Dropped by Rowena's for pasalubongs and Paseo de Santa Rosa, Greenfield City to check out if we can buy some items on sale then head our way to Manila, we decided to have our dinner at Harbour Square.

We were stocked in SLEX because of the traffic when my BF, Elka knew that she passed the Nursing Licensure Exam! We were all shouting, kulang na lang lumabas kami sa sasakyan at magtatalon sa labas! Hahaha. We are proud you Elka! Again, CONGRATULATIONS! :D

Ended our day trip with our dinner at Teriyaki Boy, Thanks Julienn!

A day well spent! THANK YOU GUYS! :D
*got other photos from Elka, Ju and Laine


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Paula Cayanan in NCAA PHL' 87th season

Paula is a part of Arellano University Swimming Team and she recently competed for NCAA. Since I'm free that day, I decided to watch the game.

Pau has 4 sure events that day. 50m freestyle, 50m backstroke, 50m butterfly and 4 x 50m medley relay. She needed to be on top 8 of each event in the preliminary eliminations so she can move on to the finals.


50m Freestyle
3rd place, overall

50m Backstroke
5th place, overall
50m Butterfly
2nd place, overall

50m Freestyle
Bronze medalist!
50m Backstroke
4th placer!
50m Butterfly
Silver medalist!

Medley relay.
Pau did the freestyle

Here are some of the photos I took. :)

Medals :D
Me and this 12 year old tween knew each other since we both started swimming (it was like many many years ago! Haha). We learned the 4 swimming strokes together, did training in different pools, complained during hard trainings, joined many competitions and won. It's been so long since I last saw her swim, kung magaling na siya dati, mas gumaling pa ngayon! Knowing that her competitors were mostly college students amazes me very much! Kayang-kaya magkipagsabayan! Very BONGGA! :))

Again, CONGRATULATIONS PAULA! Keep swimming and winning golds! :)


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekend out of Malabon

I don't know what will I call this because my mom just let us join their company's... i don't know! :)) What I only know is that it's gonna be an overnight stay out of town.
Welcome to Hotel Stotsenberg!
We arrived there just right for lunch. Finished first our lunch and went outside to see the whole place

Had our room key around 2pm. We're kinda excited to see our room since it's our first time in Stots and we're like expecting our room be super nice.

And, it was!
The 2 beds were only an addition since we're five :)
Other side of the room
Our afternoon will be so much free. So we decided to go to Fontana Water Park and spend the remaining hours before the night event there. Dad has free passes, we were able to finally use it! It was with him for, i guess, yearssss already! :D
Wave Pool
Giant Slide
2 of the giant slides
Big Horn
Kiddy Pool
Water Factory
Water Cottage
Pirate Ship
Me and my brothers at Lazy River
There will be an event at CDC Parade Grounds during the night and dinner will also be serve there.

Launching of the Sky Lanterns. 

Of course, the night won't be complete without their guest bands.

I loved Tutti Caringal's energy! Their song choices were also great. They chose songs that are popular, known by everyone and people can sang with.


I only got photos of Yael. Too bad, the battery of my camera was drained! Yael is really different! Not the very energetic type but only with his presence and little talks, everyone is satisfied. Oh, especially the girlssss! :D Others even went up the stage to kiss, hug or have a photo taken with him. Hahaha.

After the two popular bands, we had STREET BEAT!
Super energetic. They do sing and dance! People went crazy dancing and partying under the rain!
I got this from a Facebook page. I hope I got it right.
Will post videos of the bands soon! :)