Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eighteen Love

Less than a week preparation isn't really FAIL after-all! Many were not able to come because they had other commitments! It's like, the party would be on Saturday and I'm only inviting people today, Tuesday even Wednesday and Thursday! Since many already confirmed that they weren't coming, I already told myself "kung sino na lang pwede, edi sila na lang pumunta." I can really move the date on the next week but I felt lazy knowing many refuses my invite and I'm not also sure if everyone will come the next week! So, bahala na! I only expected my relatives to come dahil sa dami namin, sure magiging happy na ang celebration! Thankfully, my closest friends, my jolly relatives and our awesome family friends came!

Let's start the party! Let the photos narrate what happened! :)

Me, haggard na agad! See the back drop? Yes, I again used the tarp my swimming friends made for their surprise birthday celebration for me. See the previous post!

The not very early birds! Told them to come around 6:30, because I'll be there around that time, and I was late for some minutes! Hihi.

The prices for the games!

These also!
Started the program with a prayer! Thanks Elyn and Dys!
Elyn leading the prayer, Dys composed it! :)
Had some greetings, then the next thing I knew, the host was calling for some kids. Oopss, wala na kayang kids! Almost everyone are adults na! Okay, I was wrong! We had these two cute kids. There were there to answer some questions.

The boy was asked to sing Happy Birthday. And the little girl was asked "Bakit tayo andito sa party ni Chingky? Ano gagawin natin dito?" The girl answered, KAKAIN! Everyone was laughing! But she is by the way right! Haha! :))

Here are the kids.
Right after that silly answer, we had the 1st game. This time, for adults! I was tasked to choose 5 girls and 5 boys for the game entitled "Body Language" 

They were asked to line up separating the boys from the girls. 
People I chose. Listening attentively! :))
Game Mechanics:
Each team has 1 balloon which they need to pass to the person behind them, first, over the head. When the balloon reached the 5th person of the team, person5 need to pass it again to the person in front of him/her, making it pass between the legs, until it again reaches the 1st person on the line. Person1, after getting the balloon needs to put the balloon between his/her legs without holding while walking/running towards a place near the chair (served as marker, the player need to pass around the chair before going back to their base) where they will be spelling out some words using their butts. Passing around the chair and going back to the base and doing again the passing. Same goes with the other players except for the last player which needs to pop the balloon after passing around the chair.
Player 1 needs to spell the word HAPPY,
Lucky to have the shortest word, HAPPY
Player 2 – BIRTHDAY
The couple spelling out the word BIRTHDAY!
Sexy ni treng magspell! :))
Natatawa sa mga sarili nila. :))
This was the time I felt I chose the right person for this game! Very fair! Haha!
The girls won the game and had their prices, but the of course, the boys had their consequence! They had to spell my name using their butts! C-H-I-N-G-K-Y!

Good job boys! :)
Kudos to all! I don't think anyone didn't laugh or even smiled seeing all of them spell those words using their butts!

Then, we had the 2nd game. The "Zipper Game" I selected 6 boys and 7 girls. The boys formed a mini circle facing the audience. The girls were standing in front of them. 

Game Mechanics: This game is almost the same as the popular game, Trip to Jerusalem. Instead of hurrying to have a seat, the girls must hurry up and grab the boy’s zipper!

The boys had to tack-in their shirts! 
That's my cousin, Vince! SK kagawad doing something like this! :))
Hi Ivan, paired by Mavel and brother Gelo paired by Ashley
Jen and Ashley, the last two girls!
 Ashley won the game! :)

After the game, it's time to sing Happy Birthday and blow the candles on my cake! Oh, I actually didn;t have a cake! I had a pizza!

After the singing and blowing thing, I had some pictures with my family and friends while others were getting their food on the buffet!

My aunt, cousins, and cousins to be!
Closest swimming friends! 
College Friends. Ang dami namin? Others didn't came! :(
My Awesome girlfriends! Sad, we're only 4!
My pretty friends! :))))
They had their dinner, while I have to have pictures with them while they were eating! Realized what other celebrants were saying, di ka talaga makakakain on your own party! It was so true!! After I had the pictures, I have to fixed the list of the persons that will be included on the program.

Haggard na ako! We have to start the program na. Bahala na lang.

I chose not to have the usual 18 roses and 18 candles because really want something different and can't see myself dancing with those boys and I don't want too much drama with the girls. Sagwa magdramahan sa Shakey's di yata bagay. Haha! :))

I first had my 18 words, these 18 people needed to write a word which can either describe me or make them remember me everytime they hear or read that word.
Please ignore the NAMES!! :)))
I loved what everybody said, but don't have time to post all of them so i'll post my two favorites!!

Cousin Vince’s EXTRA. Kahit nayurakan ang pagkatao ko sa explanation niya, it remained my favorite because I liked how he explained it and how everyone laugh while he remained serious when they heard his explanation, my cousins even stood up and clap! What the! But, deadma! I want everybody to be happy!

His explanation: Extra kasi, lahat kay Ate Chingky kailangan extra! Sa damit, extra large! Sa kanin, extra rice! Sa ulam, parating may extra ulam!

Elka’s DSLR. It became my favorite because I hope, when my parents heard her explanation. They will be convinced to buy me one! People maybe, didn’t notice but I got teary-eyed, all of my friends know how I’ve been wanting to have one. I was touched on what Elka said!

Her explanation: Matagal nang gusto ni Chingky magkaroon ng DSLR. Digital camera lang ang ginagamit namin (point-and-shoot) kapag magkakasama kami, kahit wala siya sa picture okay lang basta makakuha lang siya ng magagandang picture, okay na sa kanya yun.

The second was 18 Facts About Me. They needed to narrate a story, something that they notice whenever we have some time to spend.  Not the resume type facts! 
My two favorites!!

Mavel. She explained how we met and get along though we only met in our PE class last semester. She talked about our after PE routine, eating anywhere, mostly at Doree's and ordering same set of food. The Porksilog! She added how we ate, like 5 - 6 cups each! (it's actually an exaggeration) and of course our chikahan moments! I'll miss this happy, jolly and cheerful girl! Parang walang problema! Ang daming chika always! Parang ako lang! Haha!

Gladys. She talked about me, having an allergy with perfumes. She narrated that one time I had this perfume. I'll spray it onto myself on the morning and during the afternoon, here I'am, started sneezing! After our many friendship years, she really know almost everything! I didn't expect that of all the times we've been together, she'll tell a story on my allergy which I take as a usual thing!

If you would notice, I almost had the same set of people in both programs. I only have few choices, some of my cousins and aunties, refuses to speak in front of everyone. No choice. Yet, no regret! I know they were really the few people who knows me by heart! Woah! :)) Love you guys! :)

The party is only for 2 hours! Right after the program, I now need to thank everyone!

I was really happy having all of this! At this age, it still felt different opening gifts!

I know my party didn’t outnumber any other party you’ve been! I know, it will be more enjoyable having everyone in the group! I rarely have birthday celebrations, either small or big. I really felt sad that others refused my invitation. By the way, I truthfully understand others!

I am and will always be grateful to everyone who came! I Love You All! THANK YOU!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Early Surprise Birthday Celebration!

Listed on my to-do-list this May is an appointment with my dentist on the 7th. But 1-2 weeks prior to this date, Elka called me up and invited me for her Kuya's birthday on the 7th. Told her that I have an appointment with my dentist that day. Since she invited our barkada to come and we haven't seen each other for weeks or months already, of course, I don't want to miss something! Immediately sent a message to my dentist asking her permission to move my appointment on the 6th. Luckily I was able to move it, so I am whole day free on the 7th.

Night of May 6, I asked Elka what time should I be in the party. I was expecting a dinner about 6-7pm, and she told me 8pm! Kinda late for me to leave our house! But fine, I just need someone to come with me so I texted Ivan and he refuses for some reasons! Okay, fine! I can by the way come by myself. Early evening on the 7th, it started raining! It rained so hard which made me decide not to go to the party anymore. No one's also following me up if I'm coming or not. I haven't said it to anyone until Dustin called me asking where I am, here I am seating pretty enjoying the cold weather, he told me that he's in the party already and everyone was there also. It was like, Oh my! Why didn't they tell me that they'll be coming, I must have join them! Told myself, wow ha! 'di uso sabay-sabay! Kailangan kanya-kanyang punta! Hahaha! :))

I prepared immediately, the rain also stopped, and head my way to Elka's house. I left home about 8:30pm, I was actually very shy that I'll be coming very late. I was even stocked in a traffic because of the Santacruzan. For some strange reasons, Ivan kept on calling me to tell that I must text him if I'm already near the area. So I did.

Dustin was along the street and accompanied me to Elka's house until he blindfolded me, fine, gets ko na! 'di na ako pumalag.

They asked me to remove my blind fold! I removed it then they started singing Happy Birthday with a cake that has many candlesssss. :))

Ivan and ju, setting up the tarp.
Ang tagal ko daw. :))
Here I am. Before we had our dinner.
Right after the surprise, we had dinner! Agad-agad! as in they grabbed the plates and get the foods after taking some photos! I know, I came very late and they were all hungry!
Food. Carbonara + chicken.
the cake with many candlessssss.
While having dinner, noticed the big tarp. the balloons and the banderitas! Effort much!

An up close photo of the tarp! Fail daw yung "chingky @18th" Pero keri lang! Ang surprise naman ay win na win! Mas fail pa din yung pagmumuka ko dito! Hahahahah!
Let's do this! Picture, picture and picture!
Alvid, Dustin and Coach Sonny

Ivan and Elka

Ju and Laine

Us, Girls!

The boys! I love the pikit pose and the macho pose nila on the second photo!

Couples. :)

The whole group!
After some picture taking, they had 18 roses for me! Hahaha. The boys had 3 roses each and since they were only 5, Dustin needed to repeat! :)) We actually kept on arguing on what kind of dance and music we will use.  Because they know that I don't want the classical dance used in debuts. So what they did was...
Hahahahaha! What the!
Ivan dancing. Bass down low! :))
Still, ended up doing waltz(not sure if  waltz nga ang tawag dun, basta that usual dance in debuts)!

Dahil mabenta sa akin ang crumping in Ivan, he even taught me some steps! Hahaha.
Here it is. I forgot what music! :))
and we won't stop Ju from doing the dougie! :)))
Had kwentuhan. picture taking etc.
Here's another group picture!
me with the tarp, banner and party hat! I Love the kiddie party!
Ended about 2am.

It was very unexpected though I knew even before that they were preparing something. It was also too early for my actual birthday. I am very happy that they did super efforts and all for me!

The whole gang isn't complete. Sayang, it would be more fun if everyone was there, anyway, there's a lot more next time!

THANK YOU SO MUCH Elka, Ivan, Dustin, Alvid, Coach Sonny, Ju, Laine and the rest of the gang which I know, were also part of the planning and all! Very much appreciated! I Love You all! :)

Will be posting videos soon! :)
Puro face ko di ba? Sorry! :))