Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sunday at Antipolo

My family and relatives actually reserved this weekend for an overnight stay in Zambales, but for some reasons we didn't have the chance to push through with that plan. Instead, they decided to attend mass in Antipolo Church then look for a resort where we can enjoy the whole day. 

The church. It's Sunday, kaya madaming tao! :)
The front view of the church. And, yes they have that huge tarpaulin saying no to RH Bill. Fine, I'm actually Pro RH! :)
We were actually late for the mass so we decided to fall in line to see the popular Marian image of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage or the Virgin of Antipolo. Taking pictures is prohibited inside the exact room for exhibit. So, no pictures! Just come and see it yourself na lang! :D

Saw this upon entering the small place where the image was located. The exhibit is still upstairs!
After, we looked for a resort. My uncle suggested Bosay Resort (, he only learned about the resort when it was featured and reviewed in GMA News TV's Poptalk! We went there but I think it is advisable not to go anymore because it was too crowded. We've also tried going to other resorts but they were private pools!

Some posters along the road brought us to Loreland Farm Resort! 
I've been to many public pools with different attractions such as those crazy slides, wave pools etc. I know how it will look like inside especially it's Sunday and people are hitting the pools before the summer vacation ends. Didn't really expect a lot. 

I like that they have entrance procedures to follow. Very systematic.

STEP1: Secure gate pass and headcount
Where the customers were given the gate pass and do the headcount!
STEP2: Choose Accommodation
The counter where you'll say which accommodation you prefer. They also suggest where are the perfect spots for your group.
STEP3: Payment
The counter. :)
STEP4: Entrance Checking

Check out their website!
Then, compare the photos there with what I have with me. :)

It was too crowded for me. Madumi na ang tubig, near to green na nga e. And, maybe sa sobrang dami ng tao, they decided to put a lot of chlorine! Grabe, very maamoy yung chlorine. Para kaming nakababad sa Zonrox! I also find it very tiring that if you want to go to another pool, you actually need to pass through a lot of stairs. Puro stairs! Kaya nakakatamad din magpalipat-lipat at libutin ang buong resort.

But we enjoyed something! The Zipline!! It doesn't offer the thrill that other ziplines do but since it's my first time, no fail ang medyo-medyong nakakalulang taas from the ground. Only, us, cousins tried it, but our parents, titos and titas also enjoyed by just watching us!

Me, off to go! :)
 Chinx ♥

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