Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bagasbas Lighthouse Hotel Resort (Catherine's)

Catherine's, the restaurant inside the resort. We had all our meals there. From breakfast down to dinner. It wasn't also very pricey unlike the restaurants around the Metro. Besides, if we want other foods, we need to travel from Bagasbas beach to Daet's main town. Too hassle for us.

Yes, I really love the classic feel. Oldies. Very nice interior. And at night, you'll have a romantic ambiance. 

Who wouldn't love the antique stuffs inside? It was awesome.

Now, here are the FOOODS!
the tapa tasted sweet; not the usual java rice but it tasted good.
 Boneless Bangus
French Toast
since it was dipped in cinnamon, the usual french toast had a different kick
Cafe Latte
 Special Roasted Chicken
a Bicolano dish made of gabi leaves, stuffed with coconut shreds and shrimp
Trying out new foods, this one's really good.
a Bicolano delicacy made up of stingray, also has malunggay leaves and chili
This one too, a new dish to me yet I already loved it.
 Buffalo wings
 Chicken Barbeque
an order cannot even make a person's stomach full
Blueberry Smoothies, Mango Shake and Strawberry Smoothies

Didn't have the chance to try their pizza, pasta and burger. Some events went out of the plan! You'll know those out-of-the-plan events on my future posts!! 

Bagasbas Lighthouse Hotel Resort
Next post: Surfing!!

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