Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bagasbas Lighthouse Hotel Resort (Surfing)

Our second day at Bagasbas is SURFING DAY. The price includes a whole day unlimited surfing and surfing lessons too. These people with me has experienced surfing for the nth time while I stayed as a first timer. I'm excited to eventually try it but kinda shy and pressured dahil marurunong na tong mga kasama ko! Haha!


 Hahahappiness! :))
At nagterno talaga kami ng rash guard di ba? 

During the morning, we had only 2 instructors. So we decided to have it 2 at a time. Boys first then followed by the girls. The instructors are only available for 3 hours. We had 1 hour 30 minutes each.
recalling what they've learned before

We had our late lunch and then back to surfing again. But this time, we had 1 instructor each kaya wala nang picture.

Their surfing shots. Actually, madami talaga. At mahirap pumili. 
Nakadaya pa ng shot oh! Hahaha!!

Ang galing oh!
At siya lang ang matapang na magtry on his own.

May future ka 'te! Ikaw na!
Palaglag na siya dito pero dahil nakakatamad na maghanap ng ibang picture, eto na lang! :))

Kung hinahanap niyo ang picture ko... Nakatayo naman ako sa board for numerous times din. Kaso mostly nung afternoon kaya no more pictures. Nung makailang beses akong nakatayo nung morning. Humahanga naman sila masyado, pinanuod na lang ako at di man lang ako naisipang picturan! Ending, sila lang may surfing pictures! :)))

Most of the surfing pictures were on the other camera. Sadly, it was corrupted. 

At kung hanap niyo ay sakit ng katawan, magsurfing lang kayo the whole day! Grabe lang! Until now medyo masakit pa ang katawan ko! :))

Bagasbas Lighthouse Hotel Resort

Next post: CWC!!!

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