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From Davao, with Love ♥ - Part 1

For this November trip, just right for semestral break, we booked a flight to Davao. My friends and relatives know that I'm always tasked to book flights. May I say, promo flights! In short, dahil best in puyatan ako, ako ang taga-abang ng promo! We were 11 who flew to Davao! Last March, I booked a flight with my mom and brothers on Airphil Express. Yes, MARCH!!! Well, it is worth it! They had a Php100 promo that time but I am still expecting that with the hidden charges, our bill will reach a thousand. Ohwell, I was wrong! We only paid almost Php1900 for us, 4!! Jackpot! Hihi. Also booked a flight for the 7 others, a Php99 promo of Cebu Pacific Air. Pero inabot ng thousand each yung bill nila. (prices are for two-way air fare already)

I do not usually plan a trip, especially kung sa air fare pa lang malaki na ang gastos. Kaya kapag naka-tsamba ng promo fare, why not!! :)))

Almost 8 months in the making 'tong trip na 'to, nararapat lang na maging masaya at puno ng adventure ang pagpunta namin doon! So, let's start! :)

Jampacked DAY 1
We had a night flight, so the next day na kami tumodo ng alis! May tinuluyan na din kami doon kaya nakatipid na din sa hotel room. :)

"Pink Sisters"
First stop, ang refreshing ng feel! Iba ang hangin sa Davao! Puro pa greens ang makikita!

McArthur Highway, Matina

Eden Nature Park is 95% man-made, the remaining 5% are the giant trees which are natural. The whole place is 84 hectares. Though it is privately owned, the owner named it after Barangay Eden where the resort is located.It is said that this is a mountain before it was developed. It was previously Mount Talomo, 8700+ ft. above sea level. It's peak is even higher than the known Mt. Apo, the highest peak in the Philippines. A natural disaster happened (I forgot what was it) and the mountain was destroyed. Then it became a banana plantation. Year 1970 the owner started developing it and on 1997 he made it a resort.

Statues are replica of the original settlers in the mountain, they are called Bagobo
 They offer day tour packages and overnight packages.

We had a day tour, together with the entrance fee is a meal. You can choose if you wanted a buffet or a plated meal, had the plated meal which cost Php180. Then the shuttle tour with tour guide for Php100.

Only 3 stop-overs is allowed with the tour. Pero kahit 3 stop-overs lang, parang lahat ng dinaanan namin, may impormasyong ibinibigay yung guide. Guided din siya ng recorded voice na nagtotour din. :)) Naaaliw ako dahil lahat ng sinasabi noong recorded voice, super sakto sa mga dinadaan namin. Of course, synchronized sila ng driver na may constant speed. Haha!!

This is the Hydroponic Vegetable Garden. Ibinibenta din nila ito ng fresh or ginagamit din sa pagluluto sa mga restaurant nila.
 Mangosteen tree. (not sure)

 First stop, amphitheater. Weddings or other special occasions are done here.

 Rainbow Pass.

 Extraordinary flowers. I forgot to ask the guide its name.

 We also passed by these colorful flowers.

 and this falls, Matinloc Falls. It is natural!

Second stop is called, Tinubdan
Everything on the cultural side and replicas of how the early Filipinos lived are seen here.
 Not an ordinary Bahay Kubo, it is called Balai Kalimudan (gathering house). It functions as a residence of the datu and the center of the community where guests are welcomed, weddings are held and rituals are performed.

Third stop is Lola's Garden!
 Brotha' with the kalabaw
like how it was done many many years ago. Pagbabayo ng palay.

Had our lunch at Vista Restaurant.

Malagos, Baguio District

Since 8 months in the making nga ang trip na ito, my mom already told me na wag na kami pumunta dito. Nakapunta na din ako noon dito, bata pa ako. But my aunt refuses, she told mom that this has been a historical stuff and we must visit the Philippine Eagles!! Okay lang sakin kahit pumunta or hindi. Dahil naalala ko noong bata pa ako, boring dito. PERO MALI AKO!! 

I was inloved with the Philippine Eagles and their story!!! and as a reminder, Philippine Eagle ang ating national bird, it is only found in the country and based sa mga observation, para talaga silang mga Filipino!!! Stories below..

Upon na entrance, you will see these stores. You may shop for pasalubongs also.
Green. Green. Green everywhere!

 There is a café and a souvenir shop before the actual entrance of the center.
We also met our awesome guide here! Very bongga! I Promise!!
You may or may not have a guide anyway. Pero syempre, sulit kapag may guide!

 Entrance. "Mga paala-ala"
 Wag po kayong magtaka bakit may crocodile! Ganon talaga!
This is Gold Dipper. 5meters long. It came from Agusan where Lolong (largest in the world but not yet proclaimed on Guiness Book of World Records) also came from and they are in the same species.
 Grass Owls: Endagered. There are three (3) in the center.

 Kudos to the sponsors!!
Just imagine, you need Php274 a day to feed 1 eagle!

PAG-ASA is the name!! The one on the left! hindi yung tao! :)) (you, familiar? sikat siya di ba?)
It is 19 yrs. old, Male
Yung tao, ang tawag sakanya, keeper! Ang keeper, siya lang ang nakakapasok sa loob ng cage ng eagle para magpakain at linisin na din ang cage. Mula bata pa lang ang eagle, sila na ang nagaalala dito kaya kalmado na ang eagle kapag andiyan sila. Parang nakapagbuild na ng amo-alaga-relationship. At kapag daw nakita ng eagle na ang keeper niya na may alagang iba. Magagalit ito. Kaya 1 eagle:1 keeper dapat. Pero dahil kulang ang center sa mga tao, ang ibang keeper, hindi lang isa ang alaga pero dapat nasa magkakalayong cage para di makita ng iba nitong alaga.

This is the kapitbahay of Pag-asa. forgot the name. :))

 A plumage also known as hawk.

 this is the plumage, they do this to make their feathers dry.

This is a Philippine Eagle, Scout Binay is the name. It was adopted by our VP Jojo Binay.
Nag-aalaga din ang center ng mga hayop na kinakain ng Philippine Eagle sa wild. But this one is for viewing purposes only. A deer.
Warty pig. the center has only 1. :)

A dome divided into 2. this is used in the pairing of the eagles. According to the guide, they do this because di naman lahat ng pinag-pair nila, nagclick. Ang iba daw bigla na lang nagaaway at nagkakasakitan sa loob. Malalaman naman kapag nagkagustuhan na kapag di sila nagaaway sa loob.

COURTSHIP: Sa wild, kapag gusto na ni male eagle si female eagle, liligawan niya ito sa pamamagitan ng pagdadala ng steak or grasses. Lilipad sila ng magkasama kapag nagkagustuhan na sila. At eventually magiging ready na sila for breeding.

Ihh. Sorry, blurred!!
This is by the way a White Bellied Sea Eagle. Di pa white yung belly niya kasi bata pa siya.

At kapag tumanda na, ganito naman ka-white 
Fern used as a base on the eagle's nest. The nest is usually 1meter x 2meters.

Long-tailed Macaque. Also serves as a food for the philippine eagles.

This is Dakila. A female Philippine Eagle.
If you would notice, mas malaki siya sa mga lalaking eagle. Ganon talaga dahil ang mga babae, sila ang inaalagaan. Parang sa mga Filipino, kapag may anak na sila ng kanyang asawang eagle, siya ang naka-tasked na mag-alaga dito at ang lalaki ay lalabas para maghanap ng kanilang pagkain. Kaya din mas malaki ang babae sa lalaki dahil inaalagaan siya at pinapakain ng lalaki.

Before the end of the tour, they brought us to Diola's Forest, an exihibit.
 This is Diola's preserved remains. She is Pag-asa's mom!

Philippine Eagles are monogamous, meaning only one mate in their whole life. They lay only 1 egg in 2 years. Breeding period is usually from July to February. Nakakatuwang isipin na in some ways, talagang katulad natin ang mga Philippine Eagle. 

This is not yet the end of our DAY 1!! Wait for the Part 2!! :)

NOTE: Everything written in here are only based on my notes. If ever I mentioned something wrong, don't hesitate to comment. Mahirap mag-picture at magsulat ng notes habang nakasakay sa umaandar na shuttle (Eden Park) at habang naglalakad (PEC) :))


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