Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Galilee Beach Resort - Iba, Zambales

It is another fun weekend with family but this time, it is in Iba, Zambales and finally, it's a beach!! I just realized that I haven't been to any beach after my Samal Island Experience which was November last year. It's been so long!!

My aunt recommended this resort since the owner was a relative of theirs. We can got some discounts and other privileges. :)

 Beach volleyball. 
We admit that we don't play that good so we chose not to use the net. =)
 Weather is gloomy. We even thought it'll rain but good, it didn't!

There is veranda on that vacant part.
And here's the veranda

 The room we had. A room good for six persons.
With aircon
with bathroom
no TV :(
 receiving area / dining area
 Pavillion with videoke
Other rooms

When we got there, a boat man approached us and offered snorkeling for our 2nd day. The agreed price was Php100 each.

My brother and uncle caught these sting less jellyfish early in the morning.
The small boat we'll be riding but definitely bigger than the one we had in another Zambales trip.

My relatives were hesitant to go snorkeling when we stopped in the middle of no where and the boat man says that that is the snorkeling spot. And I chose not to go also since I'm the only one going. We just ask the boat man to let us stop in an island. Dun na lang kami magtatampisaw! =)
 Here it is. Of course, not really a good place. But water is cleaner that what we had in Galilee.

Returned back to the island and spent the remaining time in the beach.
 Some rock structures
 Yummy mangoes from Zambales!

We went to Subic for some duty free shopping then head home.

Galilee Beach Resort
(I am doubtful if this site is updated)


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