Saturday, June 02, 2012

Team Building @ Falcon Crest Resort

The search and wait is over! We were able to push through our team building for this school year’s officers and committee members for our college org. With all 40 officers and committee members plus those active members who were also invited, in the end, only 20 joined the team building.

Our  “kagandahang” Pres., got in touch with this resort in Bulacan which conducts team building activities with facilitators. We also checked other possible places but it will cost too much for each person. With the prices we saw in other sites, we decided that this would be the best catch but of course, we also asked them on what they prefer.

For minimum of 20 persons (sakto kami!!!), it costs Php400 each and Php50 for the use of swimming pool.

And everything was set. 20 persons, on the go for the team building! And probably, huling hirit na din this summer since classes will resume in a few days.

 Pres asked us to pick a ribbon in the bag to fairly determine on what team we'll be in. We only had 2 teams.
 Yellow team
 My team!
Blue team!!
 Kuya Abner and Ate Alpha, our facilitators.

First activity: This was the "helium" stuff. A hula hoop was put on top of our index fingers. From about chest-high, it needed to be knee-high to win the game. And no one won! Haha.
 This was the lowest we got.
Hirap kaya! Muka lang madali! :)
Giving some lessons/realizations.

"Toxic Waste" The balls in the smaller container should be transferred to the bigger container without any ball getting outside. The smaller container is being controlled by the ropes/garters wherein each member of the team only holds the tip of it.
Yellow team won!!

"Unity Walk" No need to explain :)
Yellow team won!!

Mind game 1: We're asked to build certain figures using those pieces of wood.
Blue team won in all three figures!!

"Pipeline" The 3 golf balls should be transported to the end point using those pipes without falling.
Yellow team won!!

"Rope Labyrinth" You just need to pass through all those ropes then run to your base to tap the next player. And until the last player gets into the base again.
Yellow team won!!

"Tire Swing" Just step onto the tires until the last tire then run back to base to tap the next player.
Yellow team won!!

Had lunch then went rappelling!

Mind Game 2: Just need to fit all the puzzle pieces in the frame.
Blue team won!!

A hula hoop thing again. We should find a way to move the hula hoop all the way around the circle without letting go of each other's hand.
Blue team won!

Everyone's favorite, Zipline!!!

Rope courses. High ropes na nakalundo na and multivines.
Ayun. Putik na may halong kung ano ano ang lalaglagan.
May nalaglag e. Sino nalaglag? =)))

(c) Carmella Ferrer
Only me and pres tried this rope course. Others decided not to kasi scary din naman malaglag. :)
The most nakakaloka part of the team building but one of my favorites! Bongga!!

Other activities are here in the pavilion.
Wall Climbing
Cargo net

Swimming pool

The entire group with Kuya Abner.
Had really fun with you guys! Looking forward to more, more and more fun moments! Thank you!!

Falcon Crest Resort
Ahunin, Norzagaray, Bulacan


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