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Iloilo - Heart of the Philippines | Iloilo City, Jaro, Molo, Guimbal

Booked a flight to Bacolod last January though I don't really have any idea what to expect and where to go to. My friends didn't stop bugging me to book promo flights until I was able to book this one. They always goes "kahit saan." Muntik pa akong magbook pa-tawi-tawi bilang at "kahit saan" naman daw. :)

Did most of the research about the place, hotel, transpo, food and all. Good thing I learned through my researches that we can actually travel to 2 other provinces from Bacolod. Okay na din! We just need to squeeze those 3 places in 4 days! 

Plane from Manila to Bacolod-Silay Airport
The airport is actually in Silay City, maybe they just put Bacolod in the name since Bacolod City is more famous than Silay City.
30 mins travel from Airport to Bacolod City
Rode a taxi for Php500 to BREDCO Port
Uunahin namin sa tour ang malalayo, so first stop would be Iloilo.
Rode a fast craft ferry from Bacolod to Iloilo via Ocean Jet. One way fare is Php345. May discount kapag roundtrip fare ang kinuha but we opted to have the one way since we are not sure on what time we'll be coming back.
Travel time is about 1 hour 10 mins.

Ong Bun Building near corner Quezon-Ledesma Street

Because of a lot of researches, I found this pension house which offers cheap rates. Plus read a lot of reviews about it and many says that it is clean and cheap. Well, cleanliness is always the no.1 requirement!

One tricycle ride from Muelle Loney (Iloilo Port)

This room is a triple sharing room. It costs Php720 per night but since we're 4, we just added Php50 for the extra person for a total of Php770! 
In fairness! Mura at malinis talaga. Sana may elevator nga lang sila kasi our room is on the 4th floor. (katamaran. hihi.)

Few minutes after we checked in, we immediately proceeded with the tour.


It was a rainy morning in Iloilo City. We passed by this old port which is still under renovation and you'll have the view of Guimaras.

Fort San Pedro was built to protect the city from invaders that threatened Iloilo such as Dutch and Moro pirates. The disrepair of the port started in the early 20th century and was totally destroyed during World War II. It played a huge role in the history of Iloilo.
Yes, that's Guimaras! And that's how near it is in Iloilo City!


It looked okay sa front but the back part looked destroyed.

Bonifacio Drive, beside Iloilo Provincial Capitol and the Department of Tourism Regional Office

I didn't see something special in the museum aside from the few information I've read on the description posted beside each piece. Hello! Katamad kaya magbasa! Ang hahaba pa!! At wala kaming tulog! (reasons... haha.) Sana may tour guide na magkukwento ng stories of each piece. Mas aliw at mas gaganahan kami!! Higit sa lahat, sulit ang bayad namin. :)
The museum is just beside the capitol building.
(c) Gladys Villasaya
Paintings/drawings made by the locals.
They sell some souvenirs.


It is the Parish of Our Lady of the Candles but popularly known as Jaro Cathedral. Usually, bell towers are beside the church itself but it is different in Jaro Cathedral because the bell tower seats across the street, in front of the church, outside the church's gate!
Nilapitan ang guard..
Me: Kuya, ano yan? (pointing to the bell tower)
Guard: (speaks in Ilonggo)
Me: Ha? Kuya, tagalog. Tagalog!
Guard: Kampanaryo!
Me: talagang diyan yan nakatayo? (thinking na baka dating dati pa, ang simbahan nasa tabi ng bell tower)
Guard: Oo. Diyan talaga yan.
The huge baptistery! Pwede na magswimming! Hihi. :)

Tabuc Suba, Jaro

Angelicum School is a private catholic school but was made more popular by the Lizares Mansion just inside the vicinity of the school. The mansion is known for its Christmas light decors during Christmas season but also considered as haunted for many years until the school was built.


Known as Molo Church but it is the Parish of St. Anne. It is also known to be a feminist church because of the women saints inside which represents women empowerment.


Guimbal Church is actually one of the oldest churches in the country. It is made of adobe stones from Guimaras and was built in 1774.
church is closed. I wasn't able to get in.
Plaza is just across the church.
Old school look of the municipal hall

Won't squeeze everything in this post.

Next post: Miagao and San Joaquin, Iloilo :)

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  1. di kami nakapunta ni chyng sa angelicum and sa guimbal. pano puro foodtrip ang inatupag namin. haha

    1. Yun naman po ang medyo namiss namin, ang mga food. Seafood sanaaaaa. :D