Thursday, January 24, 2013

Paradise Island Resort, Samal Island

Paradise, I was here more than a decade ago. :)

Others probably know that Davao is my Mom's hometown. And it will always be good to be back home. My mom is not really fond of travelling but she would always mention of going back to Davao kahit 3 days lang daw tapos kahit di naman mamasyal at sa bahay lang. I don't really know how it feels like but I am very happy knowing that she is also happy though we won't settle there for long.

I don't know what came into my mind and get a flight on Christmas Day. Haha. Or yun na lang siguro yung available sa seat sale na nakuha ko? Haha. But at least we were able to celebrate Christmas Day both in Manila and in Davao. Oha! (ganon na din kadelay tong post ko, sorry naman po.)

Less tour compare to our 2011 visit.

Samal Island, Davao

I remember going here when I was still a little kid. Dati kasi every summer vacay, umuwi kami sa Davao. Tapos dito yata kami parati dinadala. Haha. My Aunts and Uncle would say na mas okay pumunta dito. Mas maganda at mas enjoyable compare to this one super famous beach resort in Samal na super mahal din. (blind item ito. chos! haha)

Day Tour entrance fee: Php200
 Ride a boat in Sasa Wharf with a minimal fare. As in sa paradise na ang baba. :)
You can also park your private vehicles sa may wharf.

 Their restaurant, beach front.
Impressive I must say, di lang basta nilagyan ng tables and chairs. Still presentable though filled.

There are also tables and beach chairs few meters away from the water.

Bongga ng shore at water. Malinis din!
Sorry naman at literal na malaki akong panira sa picture. :))))

During our vacations when I was still a kid, malinaw na malinaw sa memory ko na super mabato yung beach. As in nag-aqua shoes pa kami para di masakit sa paa. Pero ngayon, wala na ang mga bato! Kung meron man, super konti at malilit na lang. They are doing many stuffs to maintain the beauty of the resort hopefully without being too harsh to the environment. These "stuffs" are discussed in their website. 
 Few of their offered amenities.

They serve good food with reasonable price.
 Grilled Tuna
 Pork Barbecue 
 Chicken Barbecue
 Kinilaw na di ko alam :)

Paradise also offers different shows for free just for their customers. There are regular shows and others may depend on how special the day is like Christmas Day or New Year's Eve.
 Carnival Show
 Bongga mo Kuya! Haha. Ikaw na!
After the carnival show, may acoustic band pero we chose not to watch it na lang.

 Thumbs up for Paradise!! Nice to be back!!
We didn't get the chance to really go around the resort. They have other amenities aside from the water sports, see website :)

J.P. Laurel Avenue

This antique shop in Davao City is known to light up the street on Christmas Season because of its spectacular Christmas display which started December of 2000. They have different themes for every year.

After having dinner with my cousins and their cousins, we just passed by Mana and didn't care to go near since it was filled with people taking pictures. It was good though!

Had a few drinks at hill top after and went home.
Btw, nice meeting you cousins of cousins. :))

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  1. na-realize ko na di ko man lang nacoconsider ang davao pag nagiisip ako ng lakwatsa... might as well.. hehe :)

    1. Hehe. Go ate! Madami na din naman pwede puntahan kahit around the city lang mismo. Andami ding places para magchill lang. :)

  2. so nice,,, :) so cool thumbs up parang nakagala na rin ako huhu... ganda ng mga view lalo na sa Baguio

    1. Hello! Thanks for dropping by! Enjoy other posts!! :)

  3. Elow poh, magkano po ba yun Entrance Fee nila doon?