Thursday, February 21, 2013

Outland Adventure's The Xcelerator Zipline

Waaaah. Over over late post na! Nalimutan ko na to ng slight dahil sa kung ano anong gawain. 

So for our third day in Davao, we decided to go Zipline. There are other Zipline facilities within the city but we preferred going here considering the length and height. It is a 1.1km zipline which is actually divided into two. 500 meters on the first and 600 meters on the other. Height is about 400 meters.

I can't really remember how much is the fee but it was more or less Php500.
 Harness Station / Briefing Area
Fixed the harness and discussed the route that we'll be taking.
 Their assurance of your safety :)
A 10-15 mins ride to the jump off point.
 Jump off point
 Very minimal trek to the second and last jump off point
Cute photo of someone while on ride.
Photo courtesy of Outland Adventure's photog.
You can choose to ride in different positions. Sitting, Superman and Inverted. Had Superman on the first way and inverted on the second.
Waleeeey. Nahilo lang ako ng very light. Haha. Sitting position is still the best for you to enjoy the view :)

Outland Adventure CampDiversion Road, Maa
Across from The GAP Farm
(082)224-5855 | (082)271-6067

Ang epal ko lang, pinatagal ko pa para namang napakahaba ng post ko. Haha.
Davao ulit very soon!! :D

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