Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And Yes! I now have ONE! :)

Now, I'm starting to make a blog! Woah! This will be my first time to create my own blog. I was inspired by few known people in the country. I guess I need to thank the one who really inspired me to make this! Thanks D, you're loved! :) ♥ I'm not really a popular person in school or anywhere so I'm not expecting if someone will follow me here. Actually, my first reason of making a blog is just for myself. Probably to store memories about myself, my family, my friends and others, because I'm actually thinking that years after, I can laugh on all of what I've written here. Haha! But because feeler ako. ififeel ko na lang na may magfofollow at kunyari mainsipire ko sila sa mga ka-epalan ko sa earth. Maybe, I'll be blogging on some travels or trips (don't expect that much, but I'll be posting my prior travels), also important events or I'll just talk anything under the sun. I'm so madaldal sa personal so magagamit ko ang talent to yun dito! I'm gonna LOVE this! :D

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