Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Make my 18th on the 18th extra special!

It's summer! It only means I'm doing nothing! Days gone by very fast! I can really feel my birthday is fast approaching! AND I still do not have any plans, not planning to throw a party or something like that. Just see my wishlist! Will only be posting 10 which I really want. :D

A DSLR! I'm actually waiting for my 18th to ask my parents to buy me one. I'm not very particular with the brand or the unit because I'm willing to learn photography and I believe that It doesn't really depend to the unit but with the one who's taking the photos and learning how to maximize the features of the camera is also important. Unfortunately, they seemed do not want me to have one. :(
A Laptop! Not really what I want because my mind is already set on having a DSLR. But my mom always tell me to have a laptop rather than having a DSLR. And when I'm thinking on what a laptop can do for me, I'm also wanting it. I can't have both but laptop will always be in second in my list!

A Travel treat, all expenses paid. Wanting to be in Ilocos, Sagada, Bohol and Palawan.
Being in Ilocos has always been first on my travel list

A kiddie party theme for my birthday celebration. It is already in the culture of the Filipino to have a "handaan" when someone is celebrating his/her birthday. Having a party is not really my priority because since I was a child, we are not used in to having "handaan" for a birthday. So, it wouldn't matter if I won't have one but if ever, I want a kiddie party! :)

A shopping treat!! For a girl, who wouldn't want free shopping! :)) Wanna have new clothes (though I have lots of clothes still with tags on them), also new bags and new shoes.

A rayban shades! Because it's summer, Just right for the beach! :)) But very pricey kasi e. The Aviators or Wayfarer or Clubmaster.
I want wayfarer!
Of course! A cash! Summer, no baon. I need money to enjoy my summer vacation! :))
I prefer having dollars Hahaha. $$
Something on sticky notes or in anywhere. I want to have the classical themes in a debut using sticky notes. Like, my 18 roses (I'm curious on who you'll be picking as the last dance! Hahah!), listed in a sticky notes and the reason why you chose them to be on the list. Also 18 candles I want to read your messages, wishes and most unforgettable moments with me. The 18 treasures, I don't need the gift itself. I just want you to write what you will give to me if you were the richest person alive and what will you offer me if you were the poorest person alive! Hahahah! I think this would be fun!

Love! Of course, who wouldn't want love from everyone? :)
I believe this will be the least that I can get. SMILE. :) Making me smile can complete my day! :)

Who then can give me all? HAHAHAHA! Kiddin'

Chinx ♥

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