Thursday, April 21, 2011

Batangas 2009 - 1/2

Since I started blogging only yesterday. I wanna post some of my previous trips. And because I don't have the copies of our photos in my other trips. I'll just post the trips which I have saved photos on my files. 

So, here's our Anilao, Batangas Trip last april 16-17, 2009 goes.

I do not really remember everything in planning this trip. What I remember is biglaan to, like mga 1 or 2 days preparation lang. The main purpose of this trip is for us, coaches of the swimming team, to have a break because we actually started the swimming lessons mid-march and will end it up June! So, habang we only have not that much students pa lang, we decided to have this trip. And because biglaan, natuloy naman! Take note, ang dami pa namin! not like those planned trips na pagtagal ay unti-unting nababawasan ang mga jo-join. We chose Batangas because our head coach and some of the other coaches and my team mates went there already for a 1 mile swim. So, alam na nila tska our head coach, kilala niya yung owner were we will stay. Tita Gie, know someone whom we can rent a jeepney (short sa budget ang drama! Haha!) 

We left Malabon about 6am though our meeting time is earlier. Dahil naka-jeep lang kami, sa byahe pa lang haggard na kami and mabagal siya compare sa car or bus. But tipid-tipiran kami, so tyaga lang! Keri lang! Haha! we arrived lunch time na! tapos hinagilap pa yung titirahan namin. So, lunch muna!!

At the carinderia where we had our lunch!
Fixed our things sa titirahan namin then swim na! We super enjoyed the balsa, where we stayed the whole day. And where we also slept nung gabi.
Me, kayaking

A group photo. Sa balsa.
Elka. The corals!
The Girls
Ace, ready to go snorkling. Ikaw na complete sa gamit! Haha!
Paula. :)) The clouds!
sandee-ace love team. Haha!
because we had an underwater cam. Haha!
The awesome sunset! :)

We had a great dinner! the caretaker volunteer to buy and cook for our dinner, we just need to pay her for the expenses. Super busog! After dinner. Go for balsa tambay pa din the whole group! for kwentuhan and inuman also. And we ended up sleeping in the balsa! Imagine, we are 12 sa buong group. Only 4 slept at the room we rented. So ang galing namin at nagkasya kaming 8 sa balsa. Kanya-kanyang sik-sik lang! 
The "tingin sa malayo" pose
Ang jejemon ng pose namin ni Pau! Haha.

So, this ends our day1 in Anilao!

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