Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Happy Graduation!

It is just recently when I realized that I was present in 3 graduations this 2011, one in elementary, one in high school and the other is in college. Complete attendance ako!

After all the hard works, the sermons of my mom, etc. March 31, 2011, my youngest brother finally graduated elementary at Our Lady of Victory Chapel in Victoneta.
Congrats Adam! 
The second graduation I attended is my cousin's grad! We were like 10 or less who came to his graduation because he's the batch Valedictorian and we all wanted to hear his speech! Gladly, we were all able to enter their auditorium even without passes! April 6, 2011
His awards! Ikaw na maraming award!
They stayed on the stage while reading all his awards and the certificates. Congrats Vince!
Third is my cousin's grad also. Graduated Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering! Out of 600+ graduates, only 14 graduated Civil Engineering! Woah! Ikaw na! April 28, 2011 PICC
Congrats Kuya Mari!

Kudos to you all! Congrats! Happy Graduation!
Sorryyyyy, very late post!


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