Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Early Surprise Birthday Celebration!

Listed on my to-do-list this May is an appointment with my dentist on the 7th. But 1-2 weeks prior to this date, Elka called me up and invited me for her Kuya's birthday on the 7th. Told her that I have an appointment with my dentist that day. Since she invited our barkada to come and we haven't seen each other for weeks or months already, of course, I don't want to miss something! Immediately sent a message to my dentist asking her permission to move my appointment on the 6th. Luckily I was able to move it, so I am whole day free on the 7th.

Night of May 6, I asked Elka what time should I be in the party. I was expecting a dinner about 6-7pm, and she told me 8pm! Kinda late for me to leave our house! But fine, I just need someone to come with me so I texted Ivan and he refuses for some reasons! Okay, fine! I can by the way come by myself. Early evening on the 7th, it started raining! It rained so hard which made me decide not to go to the party anymore. No one's also following me up if I'm coming or not. I haven't said it to anyone until Dustin called me asking where I am, here I am seating pretty enjoying the cold weather, he told me that he's in the party already and everyone was there also. It was like, Oh my! Why didn't they tell me that they'll be coming, I must have join them! Told myself, wow ha! 'di uso sabay-sabay! Kailangan kanya-kanyang punta! Hahaha! :))

I prepared immediately, the rain also stopped, and head my way to Elka's house. I left home about 8:30pm, I was actually very shy that I'll be coming very late. I was even stocked in a traffic because of the Santacruzan. For some strange reasons, Ivan kept on calling me to tell that I must text him if I'm already near the area. So I did.

Dustin was along the street and accompanied me to Elka's house until he blindfolded me, fine, gets ko na! 'di na ako pumalag.

They asked me to remove my blind fold! I removed it then they started singing Happy Birthday with a cake that has many candlesssss. :))

Ivan and ju, setting up the tarp.
Ang tagal ko daw. :))
Here I am. Before we had our dinner.
Right after the surprise, we had dinner! Agad-agad! as in they grabbed the plates and get the foods after taking some photos! I know, I came very late and they were all hungry!
Food. Carbonara + chicken.
the cake with many candlessssss.
While having dinner, noticed the big tarp. the balloons and the banderitas! Effort much!

An up close photo of the tarp! Fail daw yung "chingky @18th" Pero keri lang! Ang surprise naman ay win na win! Mas fail pa din yung pagmumuka ko dito! Hahahahah!
Let's do this! Picture, picture and picture!
Alvid, Dustin and Coach Sonny

Ivan and Elka

Ju and Laine

Us, Girls!

The boys! I love the pikit pose and the macho pose nila on the second photo!

Couples. :)

The whole group!
After some picture taking, they had 18 roses for me! Hahaha. The boys had 3 roses each and since they were only 5, Dustin needed to repeat! :)) We actually kept on arguing on what kind of dance and music we will use.  Because they know that I don't want the classical dance used in debuts. So what they did was...
Hahahahaha! What the!
Ivan dancing. Bass down low! :))
Still, ended up doing waltz(not sure if  waltz nga ang tawag dun, basta that usual dance in debuts)!

Dahil mabenta sa akin ang crumping in Ivan, he even taught me some steps! Hahaha.
Here it is. I forgot what music! :))
and we won't stop Ju from doing the dougie! :)))
Had kwentuhan. picture taking etc.
Here's another group picture!
me with the tarp, banner and party hat! I Love the kiddie party!
Ended about 2am.

It was very unexpected though I knew even before that they were preparing something. It was also too early for my actual birthday. I am very happy that they did super efforts and all for me!

The whole gang isn't complete. Sayang, it would be more fun if everyone was there, anyway, there's a lot more next time!

THANK YOU SO MUCH Elka, Ivan, Dustin, Alvid, Coach Sonny, Ju, Laine and the rest of the gang which I know, were also part of the planning and all! Very much appreciated! I Love You all! :)

Will be posting videos soon! :)
Puro face ko di ba? Sorry! :))

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