Sunday, August 21, 2011

Paula Cayanan in NCAA PHL' 87th season

Paula is a part of Arellano University Swimming Team and she recently competed for NCAA. Since I'm free that day, I decided to watch the game.

Pau has 4 sure events that day. 50m freestyle, 50m backstroke, 50m butterfly and 4 x 50m medley relay. She needed to be on top 8 of each event in the preliminary eliminations so she can move on to the finals.


50m Freestyle
3rd place, overall

50m Backstroke
5th place, overall
50m Butterfly
2nd place, overall

50m Freestyle
Bronze medalist!
50m Backstroke
4th placer!
50m Butterfly
Silver medalist!

Medley relay.
Pau did the freestyle

Here are some of the photos I took. :)

Medals :D
Me and this 12 year old tween knew each other since we both started swimming (it was like many many years ago! Haha). We learned the 4 swimming strokes together, did training in different pools, complained during hard trainings, joined many competitions and won. It's been so long since I last saw her swim, kung magaling na siya dati, mas gumaling pa ngayon! Knowing that her competitors were mostly college students amazes me very much! Kayang-kaya magkipagsabayan! Very BONGGA! :))

Again, CONGRATULATIONS PAULA! Keep swimming and winning golds! :)


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