Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Movie: 3 Idiots

If I may not be the Rancho in my own life, I'm wishing that someone like him will come my way, maybe not the Rancho to Pia, but the Rancho to Farhan and Raju! :D

Di ako movie reviewer. :)) So, take note, this is not a movie review. Probably, a movie recommendation! Luma na yung movie, others may have watched it already. Pasensya naman, di ako movie lover, di ako updated! :))

Let me tell a little kwento first.

I have this awesome, funny and cool Business Math professor who always makes the whole class laugh at his jokes and also do a lot of kwentosss inside the classroom. One day, he suddenly remembers a movie and narrated some parts of it. Sa pagkukwento pa lang niya, lahat na kami super natatawa, we can imagine the scene already. He required us to watch the movie and have a reaction paper submitted! (A reaction paper for a movie on a Math class?? YES!)

Anyway. It is all worth it! Very maganda yung movie. SUPER GANDDAAA!!! Di ko alam kung saang part maganda magbigay ng comment kasi parang lahat maganda! Except lang sa muka ni Virus at ni Chatur! Kiddin'! :)))

This link was given by my classmate. Streaming lang to pero pwede din yata idownload

I can't give you a site where you can download it, I have downloaded 2, puro palpak. :)

NOTE: Hindi is the language used in the movie, so download a file with subtitle on it.

** If anyone knows a site where we can download a file. Yung maayos ah! You are all free to comment in this post! Thank you!



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