Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekend out of Malabon

I don't know what will I call this because my mom just let us join their company's... i don't know! :)) What I only know is that it's gonna be an overnight stay out of town.
Welcome to Hotel Stotsenberg!
We arrived there just right for lunch. Finished first our lunch and went outside to see the whole place

Had our room key around 2pm. We're kinda excited to see our room since it's our first time in Stots and we're like expecting our room be super nice.

And, it was!
The 2 beds were only an addition since we're five :)
Other side of the room
Our afternoon will be so much free. So we decided to go to Fontana Water Park and spend the remaining hours before the night event there. Dad has free passes, we were able to finally use it! It was with him for, i guess, yearssss already! :D
Wave Pool
Giant Slide
2 of the giant slides
Big Horn
Kiddy Pool
Water Factory
Water Cottage
Pirate Ship
Me and my brothers at Lazy River
There will be an event at CDC Parade Grounds during the night and dinner will also be serve there.

Launching of the Sky Lanterns. 

Of course, the night won't be complete without their guest bands.

I loved Tutti Caringal's energy! Their song choices were also great. They chose songs that are popular, known by everyone and people can sang with.


I only got photos of Yael. Too bad, the battery of my camera was drained! Yael is really different! Not the very energetic type but only with his presence and little talks, everyone is satisfied. Oh, especially the girlssss! :D Others even went up the stage to kiss, hug or have a photo taken with him. Hahaha.

After the two popular bands, we had STREET BEAT!
Super energetic. They do sing and dance! People went crazy dancing and partying under the rain!
I got this from a Facebook page. I hope I got it right.
Will post videos of the bands soon! :)


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