Friday, March 02, 2012

Baguio City - The City of Pines

I was in Baguio over the weekend for the Panagbenga Festival (Baguio Flower Festival). We left Manila around 11:30 in the evening, Thursday and arrived in Baguio at 5:30 in the morning, Friday. Intentionally, we chose to arrived there on a Friday so that we can still have the entire day to have a tour.

Side story: inside the bus, we were already freezing because of the coldness brought by the aircon. And when we went out of the bus, it was even colder. We walked to the nearest 7-11 convenient store because Jiggz (a high school batch mate, we will stay in his place) would fetch us there. While walking, I dunno but literal na nangangatog kami kaya pagpasok namin sa 7-11 (of course, walang aircon sa loob) ang laking ginhawa kasi medyo nakadama kami ng init. I was siting when a man, probably from other part of the country, came in. He was with no one and upon entering 7-11, he was talking to himself, "Brrr. Ang lamig talaga..." with actions and all plus literal ang pangangatog siya. I just smiled and was thinking na baka ganon din itsura namin bago pumasok. Nakakahiya. :)))

Went to Jiggz's place, prepare a bit and had our tour.

Botanical "walang kwenta" Garden. Yeah, there's nothing there. Or they may have other sensible stuffs inside but we weren't able to go because at the time we went in, it was like, "eto na yun??" Kaya nakakawalang gana na din. Other parts were also under renovation so, medyo magulo sa loob. We didn't try to go beyond what our eyes saw but I think there is still something in there.

There are 3 statues but the other is under renovation :)
 They have this art exhibit. 
Pwede din ipasketch ang mga face niyo! The price depends on how big the painting would be.
You may also buy pasalubongs here 

Wright "mabango" Park. Haha. Una pa lang ang reklamador ko na ba? What would you expect? Horses here and there, poo-poo and wee-wee here and there. Just a tip, make sure na semento pa din ang tinatapakan. Baka ginto na ang natatapakan. Malaking problema yan! :))

Others were in pink hair :))
They still don't look attractive for me. Nangingibabaw pa din ang amoy! :D
At hindi rin attractive ang prices ng horse ride! 
Igorot costumes with props for Php10 per person, unlimited picture taking.

Just had some picture taking :)

Souvenir items from the Office of the President are for sale

 Saw this before we entered the park. It is called Yum Corn.
 There were many St. Bernards around the park. But I know, before, they only have 1.
Ganda ng view! Promise! Ang refreshing.
It's just not so evident on this picture. Hihi.

And go shop for pasalubongs here!!
Plants. Flowers.
Keychains. Cellphone chains. wallets.

Session Road

We had our late late lunch here.
  Pork Sisig
Not so so good
 Chunky Chili Chicken
Parang salsa na nilagyan ng chicken chunks
 Chicken Teriyaki
Adobong adobo lang ang lasa (talaga bang lasang adobo dapat?)
Chicken Ala King
I ordered this and the taste is just okay :)


We passed by Jiggz's previous school and we're just in time for their weekend bazaar
an item of wag-wagan (ukay-ukay)

SM Baguio
Went to SM Baguio. A mall that doesn't need an aircon. :)

An urgent thingy happened, Elka and Ivan needed to immediately go back to Manila and I decided to stay. Jiggz and I continued the tour at night.

Burnham Park

I don't know until when is this bazaar but Jiggz told me that it is held every year during the Panagbenga season. 

I'm looking for a Panagbenga shirt when we saw this stall. The shirts' designs are all original.
Cute beats design on the second shirt.

Yummy shawarma rice for dinner!
Generous serving for only Php50 :)

Harrison Road

Along the Harrison Road from Igorot Garden to Melvin Jones, everynight is this Wag-wagan or Ukay-ukay. There are a lot of varieties to choose from. Brand new and second hand items that suits your budget are there. From clothes to shoes to bags to accessories and a lot more.
It looked like this but of course, since Panagbanga season, super mas madaming tao!
I want to take a picture sana but I'm with people who lives in Baguio and they have warned me many times na scary sa dami ng snatchers. So, I just chose not to take a photo.

Photo with Marj.
Though it's already cold outside, we ended our night with a yummy ice cream :)

Next post: Baguio City / La Trinidad, Benguet (second day)



  1. ganun talaga ang kulay ng yum corn o kinulayan lang? natikman mo ba? kung oo, anong lasa? hehe. :)

  2. Di ko rin alam e. Hihi. Di ko tinry kasi baka di ko magustuhan. Hehe.

  3. my kind of blog post, jampacked! ayoko kasi ng installment. =)

    havent been to baguio for a long time now. kakamiss din ang weather.

  4. Yung iba po kasi kada place, 1 blog post. Nakakabitin ng sobra. Hehe.

    Gusto ko din nga po bumalik e! Sarap dun, ang lamig! Hehe. :)

    Thanks po for the comment :D