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Baguio City | La Trinidad, Benguet

First part: Baguio City - The City of Pines

Since Ivan and Elka went back to Manila on the latter part of our first day, there was a sudden change of plan. Sandee, another friend of ours who we will just meet in Baguio (on our original plan) became my new companion! Actually, not only her. But her entire group! Salamat po sa pagkupkop sa akin. :))

Photo with Kuya Gerald, Ate Camille and Jiggz before I left their place
Thanks for accommodating us/me!! Sagada tayoooo! Hihi.


Met Sandee and went straight to the transient house they rented. Since may itinerary na kami ni Jiggz for that day, we asked them to join us and they did!

This Taoist Church is still part of Baguio City leading to La Trinidad, Benguet. Many says that it really looked like another Taoist Temple in Cebu. In fact, we saw a lady who chose not to go up and have some tour. We asked her why and she told us "ganyan din yung sa Cebu e." Anyway, the place is super nice! Para akong naligaw somewhere in China. I should have appreciated it more kung konti lang yung tao. Kuya Ge and Ate Camille also joined us in Bell Church. Thank youuu!!

 Top view. 
Ganda di ba??

La Trinidad, Benguet

Since we're already in the boundary of Baguio City and La Trinidad, we proceeded to the strawberry farm. One jeepney ride only! It was actually a good decision to go to the Bell Church first because pagkalabas ko ng strawberry farm, ang dami ko nang dala! Di ko maeenjoy yung Bell Church kung dala ko lahat yun. Of course, except na lang kung may sasakyan kayo. :)

 Nakakapikon na si Jolibee! Promise! Ang daming welcome signages na present siya.
Plus, pagnaglalakad kami downtown, parang may Jolibee kada kanto? Or paulit-ulit lang yung nakikita ko?
Search ko kung ilang Jolibee meron sa Baguio! Hehe.
 Saw wag-wagan stuffs on our way to the farm.
 Had some Strawberry Ice Cream. Yum yum. :)
 Of course, pasalubong! There are also many stores around.
Mas mura YATA (di ako nagtanong) dito ang mga strawberry products compare sa Baguio. Dapat lang di ba?
 Yay! Fresh Strawberries!!
Php180 per kilo (pre-packed by the vendors)
You also have the option to pick the strawberries yourself and pay for your harvest afterwards but for a higher price, Php300 per kilo with free basket.
Strawberries na super konti na lang. 
Yung lalaki na nakasalubong namin, wala pang half nung basket yung napitas.
3 for Php100
Dahil sayo dumami ang bitbitin ko! :))
Forgot the name :)
 Buti na lang pwede magpicture! :)
With Sandee babyyy.
 With Jiggz.
Nawawala mata ko. :( :))

8-9 Lapu-Lapu St. Baguio City

After the Strawberry farm, we immediately went back to Baguio to have our late lunch. Jiggz suggested Good Taste and 50s Diner but we end up eating at Good Taste since we can order here group meals.
 Buttered Chicken
Lechon Kawali

We are all in all 14 in the group but the 4 of us decided to have separate order from the others. We ordered these and the fried rice (good for 6 and then added another order of good for 3) GUTOM?? Hehe. Their servings were super generous and not pricey at all.

Went to the market afterwards. Other pasalubongs are cheaper there compare to Mines View Park and other places. 

The three of us again.
Mine and Sandee's room in the transient house :)

Next Post: Grand Float Parade!! (third day)

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