Friday, March 16, 2012

Panagbenga: Baguio Flower Festival - Grand Float Parade

The Panagbenga Festival is Baguio City’s annual Festival that is being held during the month of February and extending through the first week of March. Panagbenga in the local language means a season of blooming, because it is during this month that the flowers from Benguet are in their season of Blooming. The month-long celebration of the Panagbenga is highlighted by the Grand Street parade and the Grand float parade which is likened to California’s Tournament of Roses Parade or simply, the Rose Parade. (

Of course, before we planned this trip I did some research on the event schedule since this is a month-long celebration, baka wala na kami abutan pag punta namin :) It was actually the 17th year of the Panagbenga Festival. The parade starts from the top of Session Road, (near Hill Station) and ends in the Athletic Bowl

As usual, we were kinda late to have a good spot along Session Road so we decided to just go straight to the Athletic Bowl. Btw, there were 25 floats, the first 3 were non-competing floats and the rest are competing.

view from our place
With Paul and Sandee
We actually had a super good spot pero the best ang init!
 Baguio City Officials
 There comes Alma Moreno na ang ganda ganda!
 Korean deligates

The end of the procession of the VIPs marked the start of our suffering!! Napakainit na nga, nakakainis pa yung mga officials na mga 30 minutes yata nagspeech EACH. Lahat ng tao naiinip na, others from the balcony suddenly shouted and clapped their hands for that person to feel that there's a need stop his speech and continue with the parade. Take note: sa balcony, nakaupo ang mga tao at wala sa arawan. Paano pa kaya kami?

 First float is with a super cute Angry Birds theme from the City of Baguio government
 Star Wars theme from Baguio Country Club
 The bongga Dragon float of SM Baguio
University of Baguio Drum and Lyre Band
Awesome Men-in-Black inspired outfits
 There were some cosplayers

The suffering does not end after all those speeches! Every after 4 floats, there would be a performance from some drum and lyre bands and some dance groups which makes our waiting doubled!
 TV5 float
 Mang Inasal
 GMA's My Beloved float with Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera
The replica of the Nestea container in the back part of the float is one of my favorites!
 Seafood Island
 AMA Baguio
 Manila North Tollways Corp. float!
This is my favorite! Ang galing may mga kalsada at sasakyan pa! :))
 Float from Batangas with the Taal Volcano and a Balisong
 Kaspersky, an anti virus company
 Scouts Royale Brotherhood
 Nescafé / Nestle 
 Glamorouso from Urdaneta City, Pangasinan
 ABS - CBN's It's Showtime
Sayang! Bumaba na ang mga host bago dumaan sa amin.
 M Lhiullier with Ms. Earth 2011 title holders
 Aegis - Call Center
Villar Foundation's Waterlily Project from Las Piñas
Of course, Globe
and another float from Globe
Department of Tourism float with Mark Lapid
Lastly, Casino

Due to boredom and exhaustion from the heat of the sun, we left the arena immediately after the last float. It was past lunch time already. 

We had lunch and had some rest in the transient house then tour in the afternoon.

Yangco Road, Baguio City


This is already my second time in the park. Nothing's really different except the number of people! Di man lang makapagpicture, ginawang tambayan nung iba.


It is better to buy Good Shepherd products here. Of course, it's a lot cheaper that those being sold outside. And that time, ang haba ng pila! As in!

It's just a repeat of the tour in my first day. We went to Wright Park then to The Mansion again. I got bored so I decided to buy a Strawberry Taho! Infairness, masarap!! 
I got this for Php10 but it's really for Php15

We had a night trip on our way back home. Babalik ako! Promise! Dami ko pa gusto puntahan and above all, gustong gusto ko ang weather! See you soon, Baguio!! :D

And I wanna thank lahat ng nakasama at nakilala ko because of this trip! Next year ulit! Hehe. :)


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