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Guimaras: Raymen Beach Resort | Alubihod Beach

Right after visiting Guisi Beach and Lighthouse, we immediately proceeded to our last destination, the Alubihod Beach. There is a resort in Alubihod which really stands out among the rest, the Raymen Beach Resort. Out of curiosity, I (ako lang talaga. haha.) decided that we'll just be staying in Raymen. I also read good feedbacks plus their reasonable and affordable rates.
 Information / Front desk
Entrance Fee for day tour: Adult: Php25; Children: Php10
They have a lot of accommodations to choose from, depending on your budget. :)
Had an air-conditioned room good for 4 with private comfort room but no TV.
Costs Php1600
Namahalan kami kasi yung sa Ong Bun nga sa Iloilo, 790 lang e. Haha. Anyway, resort naman to :)
Fan rooms

Ang tagal nung beach di ba? Hahaha. Nagenumerate lang ako ng mga makikita bago yung beach mismo. :)
3 resorts share the entire Alubihod shore line. Obvious naman sa mga floaters at net na ginawang divider :)
Bet ko yung not-so-white-but-not-so-dark color ng sand. :)

We arrived there at around 3pm. Wala na kaming nagawa dahil alanganin na magisland hopping. Me and Gia just walked around and chose not to swim.

According to my (ako lang parati? kasi ako pinagayos nila ng itinerary) initial plan, we should leave Guimaras  in the morning for Bacolod kasi may pupuntahan pa kami but we all decided that we'll have the island hopping early morning the next day then Bacolod in the afternoon.

Chill na chill pa oh!
Pero malamang after ng shot na to nagstart ang mga woah moments namin dahil sa laki ng mga alon! Parang nag-ride lang sa amusement park.

Rock formations.
I heard pwede pumasok dun sa cave, syempre kapag low tide. Hihi.

Php20 entrance fee.
 View from the Island.

Too bad, this was the only island we were able to go to. It was morning and it is high tide. Sayang kasi merong mga part na may sand bar effect daw if low tide plus around 6-8 islands pa ang mapupuntahan namin. At one point, I also regret why we had the island hopping instead of just going to Bacolod earlier. Isang malaking ANYWAY dahil....

SEAFDEC - Southeast Asian Development Center

The boatman told us that we'll just go somewhere (he keeps on mentioning the place, di naman namin magets, kaya oo na lang), pampalubag loob yata. Para di sayang ang island hopping namin. Hihi. Basta sabi niya, meron daw mga fish pen tapos pwede din daw magswimming.

SEAFDEC is a government owned facility that takes care and cultures fishes for their source of income and also serves as one of the tourist destinations.

Entrance fee is Php25.00

Kuya, the tourguide, showed us different fishes they culture in the center.
Giant Grouper!
mga 10ft in length daw to. Napakalaki lang! 
At according kay kuya, eto na daw ang kinatatakutan ng mga fisherman kasi carnivorous sila. :)
 Ang napakadaming milkfish!
Merong net kasi tumatalon-talon lang naman sila :)
As you can see, mas malaki yung laman kesa sa mismong shell. Mahal daw to sa mga resto pero madali lang daw i-culture. They also export this.
 Seahorse :)
Starfish :)

And my favorite part was meeting these gorgeous people also from Manila! We asked them the night before if we can share the boat ride since the resort has only one available boat. They were very nice to accept the deal. 
It was nice meeting you all!
Thanks again guys!!
See you around Manila :)

At syempre ang di papakabog at super galing naming tourguide / driver / photographer / director (daming titles ah), Kuya Cherald!! I got him to be our tourguide through Ate Carla. :)
The multicab.
Our tour was Php1700. But the original rate for multicab is Php2000. Kuya just discounted kasi dapat naman talaga tricycle kaso baka biglang umulan.

Nice meeting you Kuya! Ang bongga mo!
Thank you po!! :)

Natapos din ang Guimaras post. Gusto ko bumalik at bumili ng maraming mangga at makapagisland hopping, yung low tide na. Soon Guimaras, soon!! :)

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  1. wow! ang saya. and may nameet pa kayo sa tour nyo. yan ang babalikan ko, ang island hopping.

    guisi beach ang favorite beach ng "friend" ko. hihi

    1. Ako din po, island hopping ang babalikan ko if ever. Hehe.

      Cheesy friend. Hihi. Dun naman po ako magstay next time. Feel na feel na babalik talaga. Haha. Sarap kasi ng mangga teacher! :D

    2. mas bet ko ata ang mangga ng zambales (dun probinsiya namin.hihi)

    3. Kapag po kasi pumunta ako Zambales, di ako nakakatikim ng mangga kaya siguro po, so far, sa Guimaras yung masarap. Hehe. Next time nga, mangga itatarget ko sa Zambales. Hehe. :)