Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Negros Occidental: Talisay City's The Ruins

Yehey! Meron na akong watermark! Parang ang hirap gawin di ba? Haha.

What would your Negros or Bacolod tour be like if you won't visit The Ruins? I honestly don't know anything about The Ruins at first but because of continuous research brought by excitement, I noticed that many bloggers really visit the mansion if they are just around Bacolod City. 

The Ruins is only 20 - 30 minutes away from Bacolod City. It is also very accessible for travelers who prefers to commute.

Entrance fee: Adults - Php 50.00 ; Students - Php 40.00

THE RUINS is also known to be the Taj Mahal of Negros and one of the 12 most fascinating ruins of the world. It is originally the Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson Ancestral Home built in 1990s and said to be the biggest residential structure in the area during that time.

Sugar baron Don Mariano built the mansion in the middle of sugar plantation in memory of his wife Maria Braga who died after giving birth to their youngest child in 1911. An unconditional love ♥

The mansion was intentionally put into fire during the World War II by the United States Armed Forces in the Far East (USAFFE) to prevent the Japanese Forces from using it as their headquarters. The fire lasted for 3 days because of the A-grade concrete used in the construction of the mansion which also made its marble-like surface.

 Main entrance
Only the guests used this entrance. The family members used the side door to enter the mansion.
M and M facing each other 
M for Mariano and another M for Maria
 Some pictures of the family with newspaper and magazine clippings about The Ruins.
 Mansion turned restaurant at night
 Columns and flooring not burnt in the fire
The flooring used in the mansion were 2-inch thick hardwood from the main entrance up to the dining room, with no joints. They were about a meter wide and were approximately 20.5 meters long.
concrete staircase

After the tour, it's time for picture taking!! Our tour guide was like 1,2,3 then takes the picture. As in mabilis. Haha. Sa ibang picture pa nga di pa kami prepared e. :)
(c) Majo Regilme

(c) Majo Regilme
 Yes, ang bongga! Uma-angle pa!! :)
(c) Majo Regilme
(c) Majo Regilme
Here is our tour guide which was referred by our driver/tour guide (kasi magaling nga daw!), Kuya Mars!!!
He jokes tapos poker face, minsan di namin alam kung seryoso o joke. Look for him when you visit The Ruins!
 They also have a souvenir shop and a coffee shop, i guess. :D

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  1. nakita ko na to sa iba't ibang blogs bat u get the best picture sa lugar :) natural shots ! pero magnda :)

    1. Hello po!! :)
      Talaga po?? Super thank you po!! :DD

  2. "..Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson Ancestral Home built in 1990s..."
    Hello..Liked your blog and your pics. Thought I'd point out though the above info copied from this blog, is the year correct?