Thursday, August 02, 2012

Negros Occidental: Angry Christ Church, Victorias City

I just realized that it is August already! And my posts are really really late! Ang tagal matapos nung 4 day trip namin. Haha. Nakakalimutan ko na ng very very light ang mga kaganapan. Pero after this, isang post na lang!  Yehesss!

Right after we visited Don Mariano's ancestral home in Talisay we proceeded to Victorias City just to visit a famous church there. I'm not sure on how long the travel time was because we were just sleeping all the way but I think it is approximately 20-30mins. 

Victorias City in Negros Occidental is known for the Victorias Milling Company. It is the largest sugar mill in the country and the largest combined sugar mill and refinery in the whole world. Also because of this, Negros Occidental became the "Sugarbowl Capital" of the Philippines.
Let us not mind the San Miguel billboard! Haha.
When we arrived in Victorias, I immediately noticed the domination of trucks along the road carrying sugar canes.
(c) Majo Regilme
Before visiting the church, we decided to have our late lunch at Chinky's! It is located in a small
mall/department store in Victorias.
Been seeing Chinky's in Bacolod, I was actually curious about it because they have a lot of customers. So I'm glad we were able to eat there and have a photo of me taken. Haha.
Had Barbeque Rib Steak for Php75 only. Not bad!!
Gia had the same viand but she chose to have a fried rice and she was given this. Fried rice na to sakanila. Nagulo din kami nung una pero tama nga daw, yan na yung fried rice! Weird!
 (c) Majo Regilme
The church is inside the company's vicinity so we need to pass through their gate.
I remembered smelling something. Something which I cannot explain but our driver told us na yun daw yata yung mga nabubulok na sugar cane. Nabubulok smell....
(c) Majo Regilme

The Chapel of St. Joseph the Worker or popularly known as the Angry Christ Church is located inside the Victorias Milling Company (VMC) compound. The church was completed in 1949 to serve the Catholic employees and their families living inside the community.

The mural on the altar was painted by Alfonso Ossorio who is a family member of the owners of VMC. The church was also in deep controversy during the 1950's because of the people who negatively reacted on image. Ossorio explained that he wanted to portray Judgment Day.

Aside from the mural in the altar there are also other artistic design in the church, the baptistery is another. The mosaic was created by Ade Bethune, she recycled colored glass bottle pieces and created image of Jesus' Baptism, Joseph's marriage to Mary, workshop in Nazareth and Jesus's death (seen in church's facade)
 Another mural on the back of the church.
Jesus with the 12 disciples.

The Carabao Sundial was built in 1975 by Shalom IV, a group of students from Don Bosco Technical Institute (Victorias). The Carabao symbolizes the hardworking community and the strong Philippines Labor. The Sugar Cane symbolizes the sugar, the product which made VMC known in the world and a source of income of the people in Negros. The young man represents the youth who will lead the country in the future.
Carabao Sundial just beside the church.
What we see from the church.

"TIME wasted is EXISTENCE, used is LIFE!"

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  1. at umabot pa talaga kayo diyan. kamusta naman ang energy level niyong mga bagets? ang bongga lang!

    1. Pinagpilitan ko po kasi yung tour sa Angry Christ Church. Haha. Sayang e. Baka di na ako makabalik. Hihi. :)